Govt orders 1 Crore vaccine Doses of Zycov-D For Children, How Much Will Be The Cost?

Indian govt yesterday,announced that Zycov-D,the fisrt needle free covid 19 vaccine will be available for cildren very soon.It wil definitely boost Indian vaccination campain to a great extent.Zycov-D for children will cost arround 350 rupees.

Great news for Indian childrens ! Covid vaccine for children will be available in India very soon.Zydus Cadilla vaccine will be in Indian market as govt ordered one crore vaccine doses.

  • Zydus Cadila vaccine to come soon
  • Children who have crossed the age of 12 to get vaccine
  • A dose of vaccine will cost Rs 265

Zydus Cadila Zycov-D is the only DNA vaccine that will be available in the market. Also, it will be a needle-free vaccine that will cause less pain.

One dose costs Rs 265
According to the company, ONE dose of the ZyCov-D vaccine will cost Rs 265. In addition, orders for needle-free applicants have been received for Rs 93 excluding GST. Jayacov-D is the world’s first plasmid DNA vaccine that has been approved for use in India.

A regulatory filing by the pharma company said, “Zydus Cadila has received an order from the Government of India to supply one crore doses of the world’s first plasmid DNA vaccine, ZyCov-D. The dose will be paid at Rs 265 per dose and the needle-free applicant will be given at the rate of Rs 93 per dose which will not include GST.’

Vaccine will be adminstered by ‘Pharmajet‘ applicator

The company said the price has been fixed after discussing with the central government. The vaccine will be given through a needle-free applicator instead of syringes. The name of the applicator is ‘Pharmajet’. The zydus cadila vaccine will be given with the help of a needle-free applicator instead of needles. This applicator does not hurt the vaccine, as well as other side effects, can be avoided.

Govt orders 1 Crore vaccine Doses of Zycov-D For Children,  How Much Will Be The Cost?
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How many doses of Zycov-D ?

ZyCov-D will be given by an applicator in three divided doses. The second dose will be given after 28 days of the first day and the third dose will be on 56 days after the first dose.

The total cost will be more than 350 rupees

The Central Government has ordered the purchase of one crore doses of the three-dose vaccine ‘Zycov-D’ of Ahmedabad-based company Zayedus Cadila. The company confirmed the order received on Monday and said the vaccine will be procured by the government at a price of Rs 265 per dose. The vaccine applicant will be purchased at the value of Rs.93 per dose. Such a vaccine will cost Rs 358 (GST additional).  

In a statement issued on Monday, the company said the Centre has ordered the purchase of one crore doses of ‘ZyCov-D’ a three-dose vaccine of Zydus Cadila. These vaccines will be procured at a price of Rs.265 per dose. These will be applied through an applicant instead of a traditional needle. This is called pharma e. 93 per dose. 358 for such a vaccine. This amount may go up a little more if GST is added. 

ZyCov-D was approved for emergency use by the drug regulator (DCGI) on August 20. NITI Aayog Member (Health) Dr. VK Paul had said on September 30 that the world’s first DNA-based vaccine will be used very soon in a nationwide campaign. There will be three doses of Zycov D. The second dose will be given 28 days after the first dose and the third after 56 days. 

What is Pharmajet applicator?

Needle-free injectors deliver the vaccine using a narrow stream of fluid to penetrate the skin and deliver the vaccine to the proper tissue depth.

Benefits of using needle-free applicator than syringe:

  • It prevents needle stick injuries
  • Blood born infections like HIV,Hepatitis-B can be prevented to a great extent.
  • No need for sharps management and disposal costs
  • Eliminate costs for needlestick injury testing and treatmen

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