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World Sleep Day 2024: How insomnia can affect pregnant women and tips for expectant mothers to improve their sleep | health news

World Sleep Day is being celebrated on March 15 in 2024 and the day aims to draw society’s attention to the importance of good sleep and how insufficient sleep can affect a person’s health. Insomnia or sleep disturbances can affect many aspects of a person’s health, and the effects can be even more severe if you are a pregnant woman. Dr. Rajeev Agarwal, IVF specialist and medical director at Renew Healthcare, shares his insights on how sleep deprivation can affect pregnant women and tips on how to ensure proper sleep when you’re expecting.

World Sleep Day: Sleep disturbances in pregnant women

Sleep disturbances mostly affect pregnant women, says Dr. Rajeev Aggarwal. “Approximately 79% of pregnant women experience sleep disorders. This can pose risks such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, seizures, preterm labor and prolonged labor. Various factors contribute to these disturbances, including hormonal changes, anxiety, acid reflux, growth Bladder activity, snoring, sleep apnea, leg cramps, back pain, high baby movements and distended abdomen.”

Apart from all this, stress and anxiety can also affect your ability to fall asleep, doctors say. Talking about the impact of poor sleep on expecting women, Dr. Agarwal says, “Lack of sleep can also increase your postpartum depression. Untreated sleep disturbances during pregnancy can have long-term effects on maternal health and increase the risk of chronic sleep problems after delivery.”

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Tips to solve sleep disturbances during pregnancy

Dr. Rajeev Agarwal shares the following tips:

– Stick to a consistent sleep schedule to regulate your body clock.

– Reserve your bed for sleep to avoid your body’s confusion.

– Limit caffeine and chocolate, especially in the afternoon.

– Manage anxiety through meditation and exercise.

– Enjoy warm baths and massages to relax and more.

“Remember, sleep is very important during pregnancy. If these tips don’t work, consult your obstetrician for more advice or supplements,” adds Dr. Aggarwal.

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