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World Parkinson’s Day 2024: Indian study shows dance and music therapy can slow Parkinson’s disease | health news


Dance and music therapy combined with meditation can help slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative brain disorder, according to a new study from Mumbai’s Jaslok Hospital and Research Center published on Wednesday.

The condition, which worsens over time, can also cause problems with movement, mental health, sleep and pain. Although the condition worsens over time and has no cure, there are therapies that mainly manage the symptoms.

The study involved 28 individuals diagnosed with mild to moderate Parkinson’s disease over a six-month period who were randomly assigned to a therapy or control group by a computer-generated algorithm.

“Dance and music therapy combined with meditation not only improved the patients’ quality of life but also improved the motor disability of the condition,” principal investigator Paresh Doshi told IANS.

The combination of therapies also “improved the patients’ mood behavior, anxiety, depression and memory function, which will translate into many improvements in the quality of life,” he added, “as a regular treatment, we may be able to slow down the progression of the disease.”

Studies have shown that therapy ensures better well-being and improved quality of life for caregivers. The findings also emphasize the importance of exploring alternative therapies in the overall management of Parkinson’s.