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World Health Day 2024: The role of breakfast in building healthy mornings health news

To celebrate World Health Day, the World Health Organization sets a specific theme each year to raise awareness. The theme of World Health Day 2024 is ‘My Health, My Right’, which establishes the fact that health is a human right and every person should have access to good quality healthcare services.

On World Health Day, let us embrace the importance of a balanced breakfast as it encourages a healthy start to the day and adopting wellness as a lifestyle. We can transform breakfast into a fulfilling and enjoyable experience that sets the tone for a day full of vitality by choosing nutritious choices, practicing mindful eating, and experimenting with new recipes. As we celebrate World Health Day, it is important to recognize the key role of breakfast in a healthy morning, so Dr. Shilpa Vora, Chief R&D Officer, Marico Ltd. Prepare healthy mornings. Let’s look at the significance of breakfast, how it sets the tone for a healthy lifestyle and how one can make morning meals nutritious, exciting and enjoyable.

The importance of a nutritious breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it literally “breaks our night-long fast”. A nutritious breakfast replenishes all our energy stored after an overnight fast, kick-starts our metabolism and improves physiological, psychological and cognitive functions. By incorporating the right ingredients, breakfast can provide all the important nutrients like complex carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals important to our overall health and well-being during the day.

Choosing the right balance

Balancing macronutrients is key to a healthy breakfast. The blend of complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats helps maintain sustained energy levels, regulate blood sugar and increase satiety and prevent overeating later in the day. These nutrients not only nourish our body’s energy needs but also help produce happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine to keep the mind charged with a good mood.

Mindful eating habits

Mindful eating at breakfast creates a deeper connection with food, allowing us to enjoy every bite and appreciate its nutritional qualities. Taking time to eat mindfully improves digestion, reduces stress and promotes a positive relationship with food. The right ingredients to use for breakfast also need to be carefully thought out.

Follow a routine

Maintaining a regular breakfast routine helps control appetite and improves overall nutrition by regulating blood sugar levels. Setting aside time for breakfast each day is important because it helps develop a sense of exercise and encourages healthy eating with monitored calorie intake throughout the day.

Customize your breakfast

Customizing breakfast according to individual preferences and dietary needs makes it more interesting and fun to eat. Whether using seasonal fruit, whole grains or plant-based alternatives, customizing breakfast adds variety and excitement to everyone’s morning routine for a promising and energetic day ahead.

There are several ways to make breakfast more interesting by adding nutritious and popular ingredients that people are increasingly choosing for their morning meal:

• Include nutritious grains like oats, and millets like ragi, sorghum and bajra in your breakfast for extra nutrition. Try options like Ragi, Oats or Sprout Chilla, Bajra Dressed with Roasted Vegetables, or Bajra Khichdi with Spices.

• You can also enjoy a variety of smoothie bowls with crunchy muesli and an extra pop of natural flavor from fruits, nuts and seeds. Not only that, but a cup of oats that give a smooth and creamy texture, peanut butter, source-based honey and a banana smoothie can be a great source of protein for the day.

• Make a colorful fruit salad using fruits like mango, banana, papaya and berries and serve it with thick yogurt. Eating seasonal fruits according to the changing weather provides essential nutrients to your body.

• Experiment with breakfast sandwiches by making a tasty and creamy sandwich with lots of vegetables and low-fat and low-fat mayonnaise, on the other hand, you can also try sweet versions of sandwiches with crunchy and creamy peanut butter with bananas and whole wheat. . bread.TIP – Use alternatives that come with no refined sugar and/or are made with natural sweeteners like molasses. You can make sandwiches with soy salad for a fresh and protein-rich breakfast.

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