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Women’s Health: Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story on Fighting Cancer and Tips for Prevention | health news


Just the word ‘cancer’ evokes feelings of stress, anxiety and fear all at once. On the other hand, surviving cancer allows one to better appreciate and understand the broader canvas of their health. It becomes more important to talk about women’s health and focus on overall health awareness, especially among women.

Detecting cancer at an early stage, whether it’s breast cancer, cervical cancer or any other type that women are prone to, is one of the best ways you can treat it early and well. Suman Singh, a breast cancer survivor shares her skills and experiences on coto, a women-only social community app. She says “In my experience as a cancer survivor, conversations around this condition are more important for people to be aware of their health.”

Suman Singh shares some ways that can help cancer patients fight the disease well and win their battle with cancer.

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1. Focus on the immune system: Although not all types of cancer are vaccine-preventable, cervical cancer can be prevented if one is vaccinated with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. Other prevention measures include good personal hygiene and cleanliness of one’s environment.

2. Early detection of cancer: Regular medical check-ups and health check-ups are important to be able to detect any type of cancer at an early stage.

3. Safe sex practices: If you follow safe sex practices, you are less likely to develop certain types of cancer, such as cervical cancer.

4. Track Your Body Changes: Don’t ignore any changes in your body – if you notice anything different, get a check-up. For survivors, regular follow-up is very important to control and track recurrence.

The importance of community for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers:

Cancer patients, caregivers and survivors seek information and support wherever possible, and that’s what my Koto community called “Your Healer” provides, shares Singh. Here, survivor stories, expert interviews, Ask Me Anything and discussions on various types of cancer, including cervical cancer, are revealed. Such communities and cancer support groups help women get the right kind of support both online and offline. For patients, stories of survival give them hope, and for caregivers, finding support in such places becomes helpful for them to cope better. including stress.