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What is box-breathing? 6-Step Deep-Breathing Technique to Ease Hyperventilation | health news

Box breathing is a type of dynamic breathing that follows a specific rhythm and can help you reduce stress. To get an insight into box breathing also known as square breathing, it is a special breathing technique to control your breathing. When we get a patient with hyperventilation syndrome it means the patient is going through a panic respiratory attack. Therefore, to control it, a breathing exercise is very important. Average breathing rate is 14-18 breaths per minute.

What is box breathing?

The term box breathing describes a technique that refers to the four sides of a box. The concept can be noticed by inhaling as you slowly count 4-4 times: four counts to inhale, four counts to hold your breath, four counts to exhale and four more counts to hold after exhaling. Established out of the yogic practice of pranayama, or focusing on the breath, it is also known as sama vritti pranayama.

Dr. Soumya Das, Consultant Pulmonologist, Manipal Hospital Salt Lake, Kolkata, explains, “When a person experiences shortness of breath, it is seen that the person feels panicked and starts breathing heavily. Here, a technique called box breathing is required. . means using a box pattern for breathing.”

Box breathing can help you with depression

Dr. Soumya shares a step-by-step approach to navigating panic attacks:

1. For box breathing, one should sit on a chair, stand or lie on the back with one hand on the chest and the other hand on the abdomen.

2. The back must be supported and the feet firmly on the ground.

3. Then, one must breathe normally for one minute and observe the rise and fall of the chest and abdomen.

4. Chest rises but stomach does not rise during shallow breathing. If the stomach rises, it is deep breathing, which creates complete relaxation in the body.

5. One must be aware of breathing to ensure deep breathing and allowing the stomach to rise.

6. If one is learning box breathing, it is recommended to push the belly out while taking smooth, deep breaths.

Box breathing facility

– It helps to deal with stress

– Counting the time of box breathing helps shift the focus away from the panic-inducing scene, thus enabling response management and control.

– Ensures good sleep

– Helps reduce hyperventilation by instructing the lungs to breathe rhythmically.

– Refocus helps when experiencing a busy or stressful day

– Reduces panic and anxiety

– Lowers blood pressure

It is especially helpful for patients with hyperventilation syndrome, usually anxiety or panic, and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, which refers to a group of diseases that cause airflow obstruction and breathing problems) to regulate their ventilation.

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