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What are the early symptoms of arthritis in the 20s and 30s? Expert Share health news

Arthritis, traditionally seen as an illness of the elderly, is increasingly affecting young people in their 20s and 30s, which can be surprising and challenging. This change highlights the importance of understanding early-onset arthritis and its unique symptoms and challenges. The lifestyle landscape significantly influences arthritis management in young adults. Fighting sedentary habits and maintaining a balanced diet is crucial.

According to Dr. Sagar Hingrajia, Consultant Orthopaedics, Vailal Amin General Hospital, Vadodara, “Regular exercise is essential for strengthening muscles and consuming adequate nutrients for bone and joint health. Protein, calcium, vitamin D and other micronutrients should be consumed in adequate amounts.”

In this article, Dr. Sagar Hingrajya gives an in-depth understanding of early age arthritis, from symptoms to preventive measures. Learn all here:

Symptoms of arthritis in young adults

Arthritis is more common in young adults

joint pain

– Swelling

– Audible crackling noises, disrupting their normally active lifestyle.

Difficulty in activities such as sitting cross-legged, squatting, and kneeling are key indicators of arthritis.

Types of arthritis

Although osteoarthritis is less common in young people, other types of rheumatoid arthritis, gout and post-covid arthritis can affect them, causing joint inflammation and discomfort.

How to diagnose arthritis in young adults?

A refined diagnostic approach is needed to diagnose arthritis in young adults. In addition to X-rays, MRI scans and blood tests are necessary to understand joint damage and underlying conditions.

Common misconceptions about arthritis

Contrary to popular belief, factors other than age, such as genetic predisposition and different types of arthritis, can trigger the condition in younger cohorts.

Treatment of arthritis

Arthritis management in young adults focuses on preserving joint health. These include medical interventions, supplements, targeted injections like PRP or stem cells, and surgical options if necessary. Lifestyle changes, such as weight management and appropriate exercise regimens, are crucial for alleviating symptoms.

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