G20 Summit: Things to Avoid in Delhi During the G20 Summit

G20 Summit: Things to Avoid in Delhi During the G20 Summit from 8-10 Sep

By TNV English

Sep 07  2023

Due to the G20 summit, Swiggy, Zomato, and all other food delivery services will be unavailable in the New Delhi region.

Unable to Place a Food Order

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The Supreme Court metro station's gates will be shut during this time.

Unable to Use This Metro

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All vehicles other than those of genuine inhabitants, authorized cars, emergency vehicles, and those transporting passengers to airports or train stations won't be allowed on the district's roads.

Unable to Travel

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From September 8 through 10, all stores in the New Delhi area will be closed, with the exception of pharmacies, grocery stores, and milk stands.

No Shopping

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The Kartavya Path or India Gate region should not be traveled by foot or bicycle, the Delhi traffic police pleaded with the public.

Unable to Walk and Drive

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Around 300 trains and 160 flights have been rescheduled or canceled due to the meeting.

Unable to Take Trains or Flights

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On Mathura Road (beyond Ashram Chowk), Bhairon Road, Purana Quila Road, and inside the Pragati Maidan Tunnel, interstate buses and local municipal buses are not permitted to run.

Unable to Travel on a Bus

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September 8, a Friday, will be a day off for both schools and businesses.

Unable to Go to School

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On Friday, September 8, which is a holiday, banks will also be closed.

Banks are Closed

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