These 5 Practices Changed My Life —Lost 7 kg ,Controlled My Sugar And Hypertension

These 5 Practice Changed My Life ---Lost 7 kg ,Controlled My Sugar And Hypertension
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 I’m presently 48 years of age. I’m a medical professional. At the point when I turned 40, I began to build my weight, and gradually and gradually the other two companions of my family Hypertension and Diabetes likewise turned into my pieces of life. As a specialist, I began to take meds routinely for hypertension and diabetes. In any case, as the days passing I needed to increase the dose.

I was running my life, not surprisingly, no actual work simply taking medications. In any case, as the Coronavirus pandemics began and the new word lockdown has been seen by the entire world, I likewise got sufficient opportunity to reexamine life indeed. As a specialist, I likewise become a forefront hero against the infection. Meanwhile, enough articles began distributing wherever with respect to the infection, its changing behaviors, and so on In any case, the main that I feared was it was clearly killing the diabetics and hypertensives.

These 5 practices changed my life
After lots of research from various sources then I summarized a plan to be fit and young again. And really it worked surprisingly !!

1. Alternate day fasting : 

I have gone through several books and topics on the net about alternate-day fasting. I decided to go for it. The first week was really difficult but from the second week, I got it very easy.

What is alternate day fasting?

At the point when you follow ADF, you’ll quick every other day and eat as you ordinarily would on the days between. It generally compares to a pattern of 36 fasting hours and 12 eating hours on rehash. Outwardly, another day fasting plan ordinarily resembles this: 
Day 1: Eat normal suppers 
Day 2: Fast 
Day 3: Eat normal dinners 
Day 4: Fast 
Day 5: Eat standard suppers  
Similarly, as with any fasting plan, it’s OK for you to switch around these standards. You may think that it’s difficult to go a whole day without eating (hi protesting stomach!). Thus, you should attempt to eat on your fasting days however limit your calories.
But here I made little change as Which I will mention below.
 Changed my fasting day schedule 

On the day of fasting, I didn’t fast completely.
In the morning at about 6 am I took one cup of water where I mix 1 tsp of cumin powder,1 tsp of vinegar, and 1 tsp of honey.

Then about 8 am I took one cup of tea.

Then about 11 pm, I took one glass of  Bottle gourd or Ash gourd juice mix with a little salt.

These 5 Practice Changed My Life ---Lost 7 kg ,Contolled My Sugar And Hypertention
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At about 4 pm I took one glass of Orange juice.

AT 10 pm I took one glass of Tomato juice.

Already I spent many times reading these products and their health benefits. Youtube videos were also of great help.
So I decided to try it on myself.
3. Yoga for 15 minutes every day

These 5 Practice Changed My Life ---Lost 7 kg ,Contolled My Sugar And Hypertention
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Three pranayams I started to do just after getting out of bed in the morning.

4. 30 Minutes spent in the nearest stadium

After doing yoga for 15 minutes then I started to go to my nearest stadium.
There I spend for half an hour to 45 minutes.
Usually, I play badminton with some of my friends.
Then I spend some time with the treadmill and weight lifting.
Really it has been a very enjoyable time now for me.

5. Saturday and Sunday are busy with books only, no mobile no internet.

I have enjoyed reading books since my childhood.But because of my busy profession slowly I gave up the habit of reading only medical topics.
But Covid-19 again brought me into the track. I have finished lots of novels, short stories, poetry books, history books, etc.
Reading books makes your brain active, gives relief from stress and stress is one of the aggravating factors for hypertension and diabetes too.

After practicing these 5 things for about three months later I could really start getting results. I was 77 kg, now I am 70 kg.
My fasting sugar is now 114 mg/dl.
My blood pressure is now 130/82 mm of Hg, earlier it was never below 140/94 mm of Hg.

Another problem I suffered from for a long time was palpitation and it also goes away along with this.

Conclusion: This topic is solely based on my own experiments and study. So I don’t inspire anybody to do exactly like me. Always consult your doctor before trying something.