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The gut-lung axis: comprehensive guidelines for boosting immunity and preventing pneumonia risk health news

The complex relationship between gut health and pneumonia risk has emerged as a defining chapter in the field of nutritional science. Experts emphasize the dynamic interconnection between the gut microbiome and respiratory health, highlighting an empowering approach to proactive wellness. This article explores the insights of some experts to uncover the significance of the gut-lung axis in understanding and preventing pneumonia.

Nupur Patil, an experienced nutritionist, highlights the importance of cultivating a well-nourished gut as a linchpin in fortifying the body against pneumonia. Patil says, “The symbiotic relationship between gut health and the immune system underscores the key role of nutrition in reducing respiratory vulnerability. This prompts us to view dietary choices not only as nourishment for the body but also as a strategic tool for enhancing respiratory resilience. Fostering a nutrient-rich environment in the gut.” Through it, we embark on a journey towards boosting immunity and reducing the risk of pneumonia, charting a course for holistic health through mindful nutritional practices.”

Dr. “Scientific advances reveal a dynamic interplay between gut health and respiratory health,” said Ombrish Joshi, pulmonologist at Primus Super Specialty Hospital. The composition of the gut microbiota, our body’s microbial ecosystem, critically influences lung immunity. A balanced gut flora not only acts as a frontline defense against pathogens but also plays an important role in controlling inflammation. This revelation is a paradigm shift in our approach to pneumonia prevention. Taking care of gut health emerges not only as a digestive concern but also as a strategic measure to fortify the body against respiratory infections. This calls for a reevaluation of preventive health care with an emphasis on the holistic connection between the gut and the lung to promote overall resilience against pneumonia and other respiratory challenges.”

Dr. Devjyoti Dhar, Co-Founder & Director, Leucine Rich Bio Pvt. Ltd., explains, “The role of gut microbiota in resistance to colonization by gut pathogens is well established. For example, mice lacking gut microbiota have a poor response to respiratory infections. Indeed, it was shown that short-chain fatty acids such as acetate, butyrate, and desamino are secreted by certain gut microbiota. Metabolites such as tyrosine circulate in the blood and reach the lungs where they help the immune system to protect against influenza infection. As our understanding of the gut-lung axis increases, it becomes clear that gut health is an important component in preventing pneumonia. Gut microbiome testing examines individuals’ gut can provide insight into health status, identifying imbalances and vulnerabilities that may increase their risk of pneumonia. With this information, individuals can take proactive steps to improve their gut health and reduce their susceptibility to pneumonia.”

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