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Sleep and Mental Health: 6 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Rest for Healthy Mental Well-Being | health news

Due to the busy nature of our daily lives many of us give up those precious hours of sleep for work, socializing or watching our favorite shows. What we don’t know though is that our mental health is greatly affected by the quality of our sleep. Humans have an innate need for sleep and we spend about a third of our lives asleep. Long-term sleep deprivation can have negative health effects.

“Women are also more prone to experience micro-arousals, called respiratory event-related arousals (RERA), which can disrupt sleep,” says Dr Shivashish Dey, head of medical affairs for South Asia at ResMed. Additionally, studies have shown that women generally have lower sleep quality than men. .”

“Quality sleep acts as a retreat from both mental and physical activity, provides rejuvenation and prepares us for the challenges of the day’s routine ahead. The article explores the deep connection between a peaceful night’s sleep and our mental well-being,” adds Mr. Nilesh Majumdar, Sleepwell. , Chief Executive Officer of Sheela Foam Limited.

A person’s function, performance, and general health can all be enhanced by adequate sleep. Here are some ways your sleep can improve your health:

Controlling daily activities

When you get a restful night, your body and mind are ready to face the challenges ahead. Quality sleep sets the stage for a well-regulated routine, which facilitates daily activities with focus and efficiency.

Choosing the right mattress

Achieving a good night’s sleep and maintaining mental well-being involves choosing the right mattress. It is very important that your mattress provides proper back support and allows for a comfortable sleeping position. Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach, find a mattress that suits you.

Improve memory

Quality sleep is like a superhero for your memory. At night, your brain consolidates memories and sorts through the day’s events. A good night’s sleep can significantly boost your ability to remember information, helping you remember names, faces and important details.

mood regulation

When you sleep well, your brain produces chemicals that regulate mood, making you more resilient to stress. On the other hand, insufficient sleep can make you feel emotionally vulnerable, increase negative feelings, and make it difficult to cope with life’s challenges.

Increase creativity

Whether you’re an artist, a writer, or simply looking to bring more creativity into your life, sleep is your ally. A well-rested mind is a fertile ground for creativity to blossom. During different stages of sleep, your brain integrates information, makes new connections, and solves problems.

Stress relief

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but how we handle it can make a world of difference. Adequate sleep acts as a natural stress buster. When you’re well-rested, your body and mind are better equipped to handle stress, helping you approach challenges with a clear outlook and a calm demeanor.

Dr Nistha Budhiraja, psychologist and psychotherapist (clinical and neuro) from Loop, advises, “Ensure your room is dark, quiet and at a comfortable temperature. Investing in comfortable beds, blackout curtains, and white noise machines can help induce sleep-” suitable environment.”

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