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Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction: 65% of Young Men Suffer from Stress, Experts Say | health news

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction (PED) is a growing concern among young men that is often overlooked. Increased expectations for sexual performance, combined with feelings of anxiety and stress, may contribute to PED in over 65% of 22-30 year olds. It is important to adopt a comprehensive strategy for dealing with PED in youth, which involves exploring psychological factors and incorporating therapy or counseling into the treatment plan.

“Psychogenic erectile dysfunction (PED) is becoming a concern for young people due to the unattainable standards society imposes on sexuality and performance. The proliferation of social media has also increased the pressure on young men to always portray themselves as sexually confident and strong. This constant comparison to ideal images leads to inadequacy and Performance can increase feelings of anxiety, ultimately increasing stress levels associated with PEDs among young people. More than 65% of young people aged 22-30 feel compelled to measure up. Additionally, social taboos around discussing sexual health and mental well-being Dealing with PEDs only adds to the distress experienced by young people. Lack of open channels for communication hampers their ability to seek help or support, deepening their feelings of isolation and inadequacy,” said Dr Amit Bansal, Uro and Andrology, Apollo Spectra Delhi. .

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction (PED) profoundly affects a man’s confidence and relationships. Unlike physical causes of erectile dysfunction, such as health problems or drug side effects, PEDs stem from psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, or trauma. This sensitive aspect makes PED challenging to treat and will require a comprehensive approach. Symptoms of PED can be due to performance struggles and past unresolved emotional issues contributing to their difficulties. A common symptom is the sudden onset of erectile dysfunction without any underlying medical condition and lack of sexual desire even in intimate situations. Even psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, depression or past traumas can worsen PED symptoms and hinder sexual performance.

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“The rise in cases of psychogenic erectile dysfunction (PED) among youth is an alarming trend that highlights the complex relationship between mental health and sexual function. Increasing pressure to succeed in various areas of life More than 65% of youth aged 22-35 years experience high levels of stress and anxiety. experience levels, which can lead to sexual problems. The digital age has affected how young people perceive sex, often creating unrealistic expectations and performance anxiety. Social norms and stereotypes about masculinity make seeking help for sexual health-related mental health issues worse. can. To address PEDs among young people, prioritizing open communication and education about sexual health is critical. By normalizing discussions about erectile dysfunction and providing a safe environment for young men to express their concerns, we can reduce the stigma associated with the condition and Can encourage early intervention.Mindfulness practices and stress-reduction techniques can help manage PEDs in youth. By focusing on overall wellness and addressing the underlying psychological factors, we can effectively combat PEDs in youth and help them regain sexual confidence,” concluded Dr. Bansal.

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