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Prioritizing Mental Health: 3 Mindful Habits for Everyday Wellness | health news


As you go about your daily life, it’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of tasks and distractions. It can leave you feeling disconnected and overwhelmed. However, by incorporating simple but powerful habits into your routines, you can develop greater mindfulness and alertness, leading to a more fulfilling life.

3 Habits to Improve Your Daily Routine

Dr. Hansaji Yogendra, director of the Yoga Institute, shared with IANSLife three practices you can incorporate into your routine to increase mindfulness and alertness:

Write 10 positive points daily

Positive Points: Keep a journal where you write down ten good things about your day before you go to bed.

Content: Entries may include favorite parts of the day, moments of laughter or laughter, observations of beauty, successful challenges overcome, happy times with loved ones, new experiences, inspirational lessons, connection with nature, and understanding of one’s place in the universe.

Benefits: Spending just fifteen minutes at bedtime on this activity can create a calmer mindset and increase your alertness the next day. This practice helps clear any negativity that has lingered throughout the day and encourages you to focus on the joyful and beautiful aspects of life.

Task list

Writing Tasks: Practice writing down all the tasks you need to accomplish during the day to avoid forgetting and increase awareness.

Awareness: By consistently reviewing the task list, you maintain awareness of your responsibilities and commitments.

Benefits: This simple technique helps with memory retention with the concept of spaced repetition. Regularly reviewing written work strengthens memory, signaling to the brain the importance of retaining this information.

Daily Reflections

Practice reflection: Set aside time each day to reflect, become aware of your actions and experiences.

Method: Find a quiet place, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Go through the details of your day without judgment or analysis in sequence, just observe the events as they happened. Aim for 5-10 minutes of reflection, avoiding over-analysis or emotional attachment to specific events.

Benefits: Reflection allows for better planning for the future, the development of a detached attitude towards life, and increased mindfulness and non-judgmental awareness.

Practicing these habits daily can increase your thoughtfulness and alertness, leading to a more mindful and intentional life. Start small and gradually build up these practices to experience their full benefits in your daily life.