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Plank to Bridge Pose: Simple Exercises to Maintain Good Posture | health news


“What happens when you reach old age?” We often hear this in traditional homes because youngsters are spending more time on gadgets—be it sitting on the couch and chilling with Netflix or staying up late at the office. Our elders often say, “As long as your spine is straight, things are set in your life.

This shows how important it is to have good posture!!!

It’s essential to be aware of your posture and make sure you’re not slouching or leaning too far forward. Maintaining balance and alignment in your skeleton and muscles while consciously releasing tension is what good posture is all about.

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Let us understand how one can maintain good posture!!

Why is proper posture so important?

Maintaining posture while performing various activities is essential for your spine.

Benefits of good posture!!!

Correct posture facilitates breathing and digestion, reduces the risk of neck, shoulder and back pain and preserves balance and flexibility.

Conversely, poor posture can limit a person’s range of motion, which eventually makes it challenging to exercise and perform daily tasks. It’s also important for efficiency because poor posture can create movement patterns that demand more energy from your body.

The following tips will help you with your posture:

Maintain an upright posture: This can be done by keeping your feet flat on the ground and your shoulders back and down. Please do not cross your ankles or feet. Take breaks: Every thirty minutes, get up and stretch if you spend a lot of time sitting. Organize your workspace: Make sure your chair and computer screen are at an appropriate height. Exercise: Getting regular exercise will help strengthen your muscles, and improve your posture.

How does exercise help improve your posture?

Some simple exercises help you in the long run. During busy times, if one adopts such a routine of some stretches and exercises – it can help improve their posture.


Begin lying on your stomach. Next, adjust your body so that your weight is supported by your arms and toes. Lower the body and release the pose after holding this pose for a few breaths. Make sure you breathe to get the most out of this pose. Remember to focus and maintain tightness in your abdominal and core muscles.

A bridge pose:

Lie flat on your back, with your feet flat on the ground and your knees bent. After that your hands will face down and then your arms by your side. Exhale, lift your hips off the floor and plant your feet and arms firmly into the earth. Make sure your legs and thighs are in line with each other. After five to ten breaths, hold the position, then release and drop your hips to the floor. Throughout the pose, take deep enough breaths and relax your shoulders.

Back extension:

Lie in a position with your stomach facing downwards with your arms bent and your legs straight. Place your hands on either side of your face, your neck should be straight. Use your arms to gently lift your upper body while arching your back. Also, keep your arms flat on the floor and your head and neck straight. After holding this pose for a short time, slowly return the body to its original position.

Some bonus tips for you to maintain a good posture!!!

Sit and stand more comfortably with braces or shirts that gently pull the shoulders back. Physical activity can help develop the muscles needed to maintain proper posture. Adjust computer screens and keyboards so they support good posture. Work tables and desk chairs should also be at the right height. Excess weight can strain muscles and cause the body to become misaligned Make sure you have enough support for your back, thighs and hips when you sit Place a small pillow behind the back if needed and make sure the thighs and hips are parallel to the floor.

Reminder – are you sitting up straight – if not!!!

sit up straight!!!

Also, remember that good posture includes looking good as well as feeling good. Thus, sit up straight and radiate health and confidence!