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5 Important things you should know about Eye problems in Diabetes

           Diabetes mellitus is characterized by high blood sugar levels, poor production, or decreased insulin effectiveness. Patients with impaired diabetes are at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy due to changes in retinal blood flow due to poor glucose control. Blindness due to diabetic retinopathy is a major cause of preventable blindness. … Read more

Health care and wellness center—-13 key elements

  The National Health Mission (NHM), the country’s lead wellbeing frameworks fortifying project, especially for essential and auxiliary medical care conceives “fulfillment of widespread admittance to impartial, reasonable and quality medical care which is responsible and receptive to the necessities of individuals”. Ventures during the existence of the NHM were made to reinforce Reproductive and Child … Read more

country’s daily cases to over 93,000 on Saturday

 A continuing rise in the Covid-19 pandemic pushed the country’s daily cases to over 93,000 on Saturday, with deaths crossing 500 for the first time in four months, even as India again started to make record the highest number of daily infections in the world. Almost 89,000, India‚Äôs daily cases on Friday were the highest … Read more

I6 lakhs acive cases in india

 India reports 6 lakhs active Covid19 cases ,1lak reported in just 4 days.                                                 Covid case testing 

3rd vaccine against Covid 19 in US

 The U.S  is getting 3rd vaccine against Covid 19 as FDA cleared on Saturday  the one shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine .According to them the one shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine is equally effective as the two doses of other vaccines.                              … Read more

Amazing facts about Corona virus structure

Coronavirus poses serious health hazards to humans and other animals.  From 2002 to 2003, severe acute respiratory syndrome (sars cove 1) infected 8,000 people, with a fatal rate of ~ 10%.  Since 2012, middle east respiratory syndrome (MERS) has infected more than 1,700 people, with a death rate of ~ 36%.  Since 2013, porcine epidemic … Read more

10 important things you should know about Covid 19 new strain

Till  today even after getting vaccines against Covid19 ,there is no indication that corona will go away soon. Since December 2019 this  new or novel corona virus is creating havoc around the world. Till today almost 13 crore people are infected all over the world and death toll is about 26 lakhs. Corona is not … Read more

Acute viral hepatitis.How Much We Know About It?

 Today is Sunday busiest day in the week contrary to others. Many times I am also thinking to take a rest day in the week but till now could not decide the day.  I started my clinic sharp at 9 am..already more than twenty patients are in the waiting room ..oh I have to … Read more

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