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New Zealand MP Accused of Shoplifting: Is Stress-Induced Theft Like Kleptomania? Psychiatrist explained health news

According to the New York Times, Golriz Ghahraman, a 43-year-old New Zealand lawmaker, resigned from his job on Tuesday after he picked up shop from two clothing stores, which he said was due to stress and was taking a toll on his mental health. According to Ghahraman’s Green Party leader James Shaw, the Iranian lawmaker, who is a former UN human rights lawyer, has received threats of sexual violence, physical violence and death since his election, and police regularly investigate such threats. So can mental health issues drive you to something like stealing? Is it similar to kleptomania? Dr Gorav Gupta, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Founder and Director, Tulsi Healthcare, weighs in.

Can Stress Be Stealing? Is it similar to Kleptomania?

Yes, stress can prompt theft, experts say. “Stress triggers the release of cortisol, influencing the prefrontal cortex to make decisions. Under stress, this region becomes less active, impairing rational choices and encouraging impulsive behavior such as theft. The altered brain function driven by depression leads individuals to take such actions. Which individuals can avoid. Normal,” says Dr Gorav Gupta.

But stress-induced stealing is different from kleptomania. “Stress-related theft responds to external pressure, which is driven by a perceived need. In contrast, kleptomania is a mental disorder with repeated urges to steal unrelated to stress, excitement before the theft and relief after. Associated with the stress or situation,” said Dr. Gupta.

Under extreme stress, individuals may exhibit increased aggression, withdrawal, impaired judgment, emotional instability, sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating and altered eating habits, Dr. Gupta said. He adds, “Risk-taking behaviors can emerge as a temporary escape. Recognizing these reactions is critical to fostering understanding and support during challenging times.”

How to deal with stress

To reduce stress and avoid negative consequences, focus on healthy coping strategies like mindfulness and deep breathing, the doctor advises. Dr. Gupta explains, “Establishing a support network through open communication, incorporating self-care routines, and setting achievable goals are all essential. Use time wisely, draw clear boundaries, develop a healthy outlook, and seek professional help when needed. These measures Increases resilience. and well-being.”

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Shoplifting allegations against New Zealand MP Golridge Ghahraman: A background

Gahraman, 43, is originally from Iran and was a UN human rights lawyer. He gained attention in 2017 as the first refugee to be sworn in as a member of the New Zealand Parliament. “I was weakened. I am sorry,” lawmaker Golriz Ghahraman said in a statement Tuesday, adding that “the best thing for my mental health is to resign as a member of parliament.” Ghahrman, who made no mention of theft in his statement, claimed he could not explain his behavior because it was “in no way reasonable.”

After treatment, she said, “I realize I’m not good,” adding that a mental health specialist who saw her claimed her behavior was consistent with “recent events triggering an extreme stress response” and was tied to prior trauma. . , the New York Times reported. Regularly threatened with abuse, Green Party leader Shaw added that Ghahrman was subjected to more pressure than other MPs. According to the New York Times, he said these things in a press conference on Tuesday.

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