My experience with The covid 19 vaccine.Is It Really Safe?


covid 19 vaccine
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As we all know about sarscov2 which causes corona or popularly covid19. So far, around 12 million are infected worldwide and more than 26 lakh have died. India is also badly affected. The death toll in India is around 1.6 lakh so far. India already launched massive vaccination and luckily I also got the dose of Covishield. Today I will share my experience with the covid19 vaccine

And now people in many countries of the world including India are experiencing the second wave of attack (some countries are experiencing 3G !!). Many mutations of the virus are occurring. Two new mutant strains continue to wreak havoc in India as well.

 But amid all this confusion, vaccination programs are also in full swing. India started vaccination on 16th, 2021 and allowed covacid and covaxin (covacial or covaxin)
 In the first phase, India started vaccinating healthcare providers and frontline workers.
 And a doctor (pediatrician) also got a change on March 5 to take the first dose of Covishield.
 I felt mild pain at the injection site which remains the enemy for a week. I had a mild fever for two days, no other side effects I felt. 
On duty the sister explained well and I also got the certificate.
 I also received all the updated information in SMS. It was really well organized by our government.
 Although some news about some of the serious side effects and deaths were published in separate media, it was later proven that these were not related to vaccines. As a pediatrician I was not surprised at all to experience mild fever and pain after vaccination because vaccination is our daily practice. Many of my colleagues noticed that I experienced more pain and fever.
 Now we were waiting for the second dose which should be 28 days after the first dose. So I waited anxiously because I know that I would get full protection or my antibody formation would be complete after 14 days of the second dose. Meanwhile, there are 19 mutants of many mutant varieties. No one can yet clearly state whether these vaccines will work against mutant strains?
 The last time I received an SMS on 8 March is that my second dose date is 9 March at Bongaigaon Civil Hospital. The next day I took the vaccine and it was less effective and I felt less feverish from the first dose. But I felt more tired at this time which is still standing today because today is the 6th day of my second dose.
 And all my companions are fine this time too.
 During this second phase of vaccination in India, the government started vaccinating individuals above 45 to 59 years of comorbid status (of course showing them their certificates of comradeship) and individuals over 60 years of age with no comradeship. have made.

 No serious side effects have been reported yet. Everything is progressing smoothly and as we know vaccine 19 is the last weapon to fight Covid

 Mild pain, fever, muscle pain, mild swelling in the injection site are very common for all vaccines. So my friends have nothing to worry about, be prepared for your dose. Some unusual side effects also appear around the world such as rash and vomiting, but all are mild.

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