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Mediterranean diet helps increase IVF success rate: Study | health news

For more than 20 years, millions of women have successfully used in vitro fertilization (IVF) as a fertility treatment. Doctors recommend women consider IVF if all other attempts to conceive have failed, if they suffer from endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, blocked or missing fallopian tubes, or any other condition that affects fertility. Hormones that encourage the production of multiple eggs instead of just one, are injected by doctors to start the IVF process. When multiple eggs are found, the eggs are collected and mixed with sperm in a lab dish. An embryo is delivered to a woman’s uterus when it reaches the mature blastocyst stage, where a normal pregnancy is expected to begin.

There are many tricks and techniques available to try to conceive that are guaranteed to increase the chances of conception. However, women undergoing IVF should follow a Mediterranean diet to increase their chances of getting pregnant instead of using supplements, according to a study published in the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, “Mediterranean diet may help women undergoing IVF to succeed.” “Pregnancy.” The researchers found that women who followed a Mediterranean diet for six months before undergoing IVF had a “significantly better chance” of getting pregnant and giving birth than those who did not eat the foods associated with the diet. According to study results, women who ate little or no red meat and more fruits, vegetables, seafood, whole grains, legumes and vegetable oils were 65-68% more likely to get pregnant and give birth than women who followed a Mediterranean diet. food Food “lowest degree.”

What are the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for a successful IVF procedure?

The Mediterranean diet emphasizes plant-based foods such as nuts, legumes, whole grains, low-fat dairy, fruits and vegetables. It also emphasizes lean protein sources like fish and chicken, as well as olive oil, which is a healthy form of fat. A strictly Mediterranean diet usually excludes red meat and salt. Mediterranean diet foods are flavored with spices and herbs rather than high-calorie, high-fat condiments.

Antioxidants and IVF outcomes

Antioxidants are chemicals that prevent other molecules from oxidizing and destroying themselves. The Mediterranean diet is rich in such molecules. Since molecules make up cells, eating foods rich in antioxidants protects the body’s cells from free radicals, which are other molecules that damage good molecules and cells. Cells that make up a woman’s eggs, reproductive hormone glands, and reproductive organs are susceptible to damage from excess free radicals. When a woman is undergoing in vitro fertilization, eating foods from the Mediterranean diet can help keep the glands and organs functioning at their best and significantly reduce the damage caused by free radicals.

Omega-6 fatty acids and IVF outcomes

A key component of the Mediterranean diet is the use of healthy vegetable oils. Vegetable oils, which are high in omega-6 fatty acids, give the body the precursors it needs to make prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are a unique type of hormone that is not secreted by glands; Rather, the body produces them on demand. Prostaglandins are involved in the regulation of a woman’s reproductive system; They regulate ovulation and initiate labor by inducing uterine muscle contractions.

Dr. Shobha Gupta, Medical Director, Gynecologist and IVF Specialist at Mother’s Lap IVF Center, New Delhi and Vrindavan says, “Success of IVF treatment primarily depends on the ovarian reserve or the quantity and quality of eggs in your ovaries. Stimulation, fertilization, growth and implantation of the embryo. are just a few of the many changes. A successful pregnancy that goes to term requires the optimization of many complex steps. Furthermore, most people who undergo IVF already struggle with infertility, which can make it more difficult to guarantee that the procedure will be successful. .”

He emphasized that consuming a Mediterranean diet would be a simple nutritional strategy to support IVF conception, and that taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements would also be beneficial. Folate pills or folic acid should be used by all women trying to conceive.

The Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats such as nuts and olive oil, is often considered a healthy eating pattern.

According to Dr. Shobha Gupta, following a Mediterranean diet can help improve fertility because it can have a positive effect on variables including hormonal balance, oxidative stress, and inflammation, according to some studies. Still, there are many studies to be done in this field, and different studies have produced different results. Also, these results cannot be generalized to all women trying to conceive or to obese women, a category that was excluded from the study”.

“It is important to note that fertility is a multifaceted issue that is affected by various factors such as age, genetics, lifestyle choices and underlying medical disorders. No one diet will work better than another for fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization. . . (IVF), although a A good diet is generally recommended for overall well-being,” concluded Dr Shobha Gupta.

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