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Managing Stress and Anxiety: 5 Coping Strategies to Improve Your Mental Health health news

Anxiety is the most common mental health illness in the world today. It is an emotion characterized by feelings of anxiety and fear/panic that manifest physically through increased blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, discomfort, and breathing. Stressful and traumatic experiences at any age can cause anxiety while emotional or physical abuse can have long-term negative effects.

Healthy Anxiety vs. Unhealthy Anxiety

Microsoft. Sohini Rohra, a counseling psychologist, says, “Anxiety is a natural response to a sense of danger and a suppressed emotion to regain safety and focus. It is healthy in small doses but, when repeated with unexplained frequency without manifesting symptoms, it is unhealthy and even classified as an anxiety disorder. Can be done. Anxiety can lead to panic attacks, addictions, social withdrawal, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and/or phobias that make everyday activities such as work performance, school work and relationships challenging.”

“Anxiety can be healthy and sometimes essential to keep us focused and driven. A small amount before an exam can help a child focus more whereas, a child with unhealthy anxiety may be so nervous and fearful that he/she may not. Focus. “, added Miss Sohini.

5 Coping Strategies to Manage Anxiety

In an alarming situation, the best thing to do is to regroup and pull ourselves together. Reacting to any trigger may not be the best for us when we are not aligned. Therefore, Ms. Sohini Rohra emphasizes not giving in to the temptation to react to a trigger but instead focus on grounding and mindfulness techniques that bring us back to the present moment. Here’s what you can do:

1) Breathing and self-talk

2 minutes of equal breathing followed by simple self-talk 6-10 times a day.

– “I’m safe and in control”.

– “I like to be in the present moment”.

– “I am capable, I believe in myself”

– “This feeling is going away”

2) Grounding techniques

Bring yourself back to the present moment and help remind us that we are safe in this present moment.


  • 3 things I can see, 3 things I can hear and 3 body parts I can move.


  • 5 things I see.
  • 4 things I can touch.
  • 3 things I hear.
  • 2 things I can minimize
  • 1 thing I can taste

(The order is subject to change based on the environment we are in)

3) Exposure therapy or shame attacks

Slowly and gently exposing ourselves to our triggers can help reduce fear and increase confidence.

4) Planning and Journaling

Note every night.

– I’m grateful for… (Feeling a sense of security).

– Today, I achieved… (recognizing small wins helps build confidence).

– Tomorrow, I need to… (To-do lists automatically structure our day by reducing anxiety and calming the nervous system.

5) Quick solutions to calm anxiety as soon as possible

– Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, exhale for 8 seconds. (long breathing is relaxing).

– Walk or run fast

– Alternate hot and cold showers, ice on face, swimming in cold water or hands/feet.

– Hugs and hugs.

– Strong flavors like mint or sour candy.

– Reduce caffeine and alcohol.

– Tapping the heart as we would a baby.

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