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Loss of appetite an indication of early symptoms of kidney disease? Expert shares underlying reasons health news

Loss of appetite, also known as poor appetite or loss of appetite, refers to a decreased desire to eat. The medical term for this is anorexia. A variety of mental and physical health problems can cause loss of appetite, which can be accompanied by symptoms such as weight loss or malnutrition. If left untreated, these symptoms can pose serious health risks. Therefore, it is important to identify the underlying cause of loss of appetite and address it immediately.

Dr. Manoharan B, Senior Consultant – Nephrology, Manipal Hospital Varthur Road & Whitefield, Bangalore shares how loss of appetite can be an indication of early symptoms of kidney damage and disease.

Signs of loss of appetite

A number of conditions can cause decreased appetite. Usually, once the underlying condition is treated, appetite returns to normal. However, if left untreated, loss of appetite can lead to more serious symptoms given by Dr. Manoharan:

– Extreme fatigue

– Lose weight

– Fast heart rate

– Fever

– Annoyance

– A general sick feeling, or restlessness

Loss of appetite in chronic kidney disease

Persistent loss of appetite can lead to malnutrition or deficiencies of essential vitamins and electrolytes, which can lead to life-threatening complications. Therefore, if you experience loss of appetite even after a period of acute illness, it is very important to seek medical advice. lasts more than a few weeks”, says Dr Manoharan.

“A gradual decline in glomerular filtration rate in people with chronic kidney disease is often accompanied by a significant reduction in food intake. About one-third of chronic dialysis patients experience fair or poor appetite, which directly negatively affects patient outcomes.” “Regulation involves gastrointestinal tract hormones such as ghrelin, cholecystokinin and the brain, which integrates stimulation in the hypothalamus area,” he added.

Causes of anorexia in chronic kidney disease

Dr. Manoharan highlighted, “In patients with non-dialyzed chronic kidney disease and those undergoing maintenance dialysis, anorexia is primarily associated with the production of unidentified anorexigenic compounds and inflammatory cytokines. In addition, changes in appetite regulation, such as increased levels of amino acids. Free across the blood-brain barrier. transport of tryptophan. This results in a hyperserotonergic state, which is conducive to decreased appetite. Elevated PTH levels in CKD patients are accompanied by decreased appetite.”

Treatment of anorexia in chronic kidney disease

“Treatment of anorexia usually involves counseling, initiation of dialysis treatment for patients with uremic chronic kidney disease, optimizing the dialysis dose, and potentially introducing appetite stimulants.”

“In ESRD patients on dialysis, there are protein catabolic processes, such as the inevitable loss of amino acids (6-8 g per HD session) and albumin in the dialysate. IV amino acid supplements such as pure crystalline amino acid solutions are very beneficial for HD patients without discomfort”, Dr. Manoharan concluded.

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