Lockdown In Assam Again?

Lockdown In Assam Again
Health Minister Keshab Mahanta 

 Guwahati: The state government is again worried about many people being hit by new covid in the state in the recent time.

 Many people have been again infected in covid19 after the  Durga Puja.

 The rate of corona positivein Assam almost doubled on Saptami, Ashtami.

There have also been reports of deaths of people who have been infected every day. Lockdown may be announced again in Assam. On the other hand the there is chances of increasing curfew time.. State health minister Keshab Mahanta made this statement today.

Within one week Assam Government may take stern action.

The government will monitor the covid situation for a week after Durga Puja. Health minister Keshav Mahanta said the government will take a decision if the situation escalates or the transmission increases