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Is COVID-19 leading to heart disease? Doctors share insights health news

The Covid-19 pandemic, originating from the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, has evolved into a global health crisis of unprecedented proportions, said Dr TS Klar, Chairman and HOD- BLK-Max Heart and Vascular Institute, BLK Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi. The doctor noted that in addition to the initial effects on respiratory health, recent findings indicate a troubling link between COVID-19 and a heightened susceptibility to cardiac complications, particularly cardiac arrest in the young population.

“Initially classified as a respiratory virus, the effects of COVID-19 on the cardiovascular system have become more apparent over time. Research indicates that the virus can directly affect cardiac tissue by infiltrating cardiomyocytes, causing inflammation, oxidative stress and excess myocardial damage. , renin- The impact of COVID-19 on the angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) worsens cardiovascular complications. ACE2, a key component of the RAAS, acts as a gateway for the virus into cells, potentially disrupting the delicate balance of the system and leading to cardiovascular disease. Dr. TS Klar said.

Dr Clare added, “While severe cases of Covid-19 have mainly affected the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions, reports of cardiac complications and cardiac arrest in young people, in previously healthy individuals, have raised concerns. Studies have shown that the virus can induce. A cytokine storm—an overactive immune response—that results in widespread inflammation and organ failure, including in the heart. Although young adults are less prone to severe respiratory symptoms, they may still be vulnerable to these inflammatory responses, which can lead to cardiac complications. .”

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Another worrisome concern, Dr. Klar noted, is prolonged Covid-19 outbreaks — a condition characterized by persistent symptoms that persist long after the acute phase of the illness has passed. “Cardiac involvement appears to be a significant aspect of prolonged covid, with reports of persistent chest pain, palpitations, and exercise intolerance. Even people who experience mild early episodes of COVID-19 may develop these prolonged cardiac symptoms, potentially predisposing them to heart disease. increases the risk. of events such as cardiac arrest in the younger population,” said Dr. Clare.

As the link between COVID-19 and cardiac problems has become clearer, preventive measures assume higher importance, the doctor noted. “Vaccination campaigns are critical to reducing severe COVID-19 cases and, consequently, cardiac complications. Public health efforts must prioritize vaccination, especially among young adults, to reduce the risk of cardiac arrest. Additionally, post-Covid cardiac screening should be considered for individuals with People who have recovered from the virus, regardless of age, need to identify underlying cardiac abnormalities that may predispose them to future cardiac events. This is especially important because of the virus’s long-lasting effects on cardiac well-being,” said Dr. Clair.

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