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International Women’s Day 2024: Impact of mental health on women’s sexual well-being, experts share information health news

Our mental and emotional states significantly affect our physical sensations, and when it comes to sexual health, it’s often viewed through a biological lens. However, the impact of stress on sexual health and mental health is profound and cannot be overstated.

Stress and negativity can create a breeding ground for anxiety, depression, and burnout, especially in women. Hormones play an important role in a woman’s mental health and sexual well-being.

According to Shailja Mittal, founder and CEO of Curex, our mind and emotions shape our physical experience, including sexual health. Seen. Lenses, deeply intertwined with our psychological landscape.”

Pooja Priyambada, mental health expert and co-founder of India Dialogues, explains that hormonal fluctuations can manifest as sleep patterns, changes in appetite and unexplained pain, leading to feelings of discomfort and deterioration of physical health. These changes can also affect a woman’s sexuality, affecting desire, arousal and intimacy in relationships.

She concludes, “Recognizing and addressing the impact of hormones on women’s mental health holistically—across work, home, relationships, physical health, and sexuality—is key to building resilience, compassion, and well-being. Recognizing the complex ways hormonal fluctuations affect every aspect of a woman’s life.” By spreading, we can build a supportive environment that empowers women to navigate these challenges with grace and self-care.”

Ms Shailaja further suggests, “The solution is simple – we help each other establish a nurturing and therapeutic environment that enables individuals to embrace their sexuality joyfully and without guilt. Instead of burdening our desires with exceptions, we need. A Redefine our sexual narrative, paving the way for a confident and productive society.”

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