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In 2024, make a resolution to ensure 8 hours of sleep. health news


Resolutions emerge as 2023 transitions into 2024. Individuals often decide to exercise more, eat healthier, or learn a new skill. Yet, an important aspect of their well-being often slips through the cracks of their commitment – ​​sleep. In 2024, prioritize self-care by embracing the simple, meaningful aspects of life. Reflect, engage and commit to self-love through the serene beauty of restful sleep. So, committing to yourself is beyond a mere decision; It’s a commitment to eight hours of sleep, a warm promise to nurture well-being through the indulgence of quality sleep.

Quality sleep positively affects physical and mental health, productivity and overall quality of life. It is a universal need, relevant across age groups. The Sleep Foundation reports that while 90% aspire to increase sleep, only 48% succeed, with 56% rarely or never making sleep-focused resolutions.

Anand Nichani, Managing Director, Magniflex India, mentions here a few tips to achieve sleep this year:

Consistent sleep schedule: Create a regular bedtime and wake-up routine for a balanced internal clock. A good night’s sleep helps rejuvenate the mind and body.

Digital detox before bed: Avoid electronic devices and TV an hour before bed, opt for quiet activities like reading or meditation.

Calm Sleep Environment: Invest in quality mattresses and pillows, choose soothing colors and blackout curtains, and maintain a cool room temperature. A memo from the mattress is important for maintaining good health and posture.

Sleep-support beds: Choose a mattress that aligns with comfort preferences and spinal alignment. Consider breathable sheets and blankets.

Mindful Nutrition: Avoid heavy meals, caffeine and nicotine before bed. Stay hydrated during the day, limiting fluids before bed. Choose light, sleep-inducing snacks when hungry. Relaxing warm bath: Take a warm bath or shower before bed to induce relaxation and quick sleep.

In our fast-paced world, sleep often takes a back seat. A clarion call to regain control over your well-being, starting with the rejuvenating power of quality sleep – a necessity, not a luxury. Hence, this new year calls for a renewed commitment to yourself – a commitment to better yourself. Make self-care a priority and invest in 8 hours of sleep for a year of productivity through a well-rested mind and good health.