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How to incorporate wellness into your wedding preparations – 5 points | health news


The air is buzzing with excitement and joyous celebrations this season, and one of the reasons is the ongoing wedding season. From attending cozy winter weddings to lavish spring weddings, long preparations throughout the family lead to their significant and auspicious celebration. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of preparing for the grand affair, there is one thing we should focus on – cultivating a healthy lifestyle. This is the secret to feeling your best and being able to enjoy every moment of the wedding festivities.

Cheryl Sallis, Registered Dietitian and Founder, Nurture Health Solutions, Saffola Nutrition Partner, guides us through five simple, everyday steps that can be seamlessly integrated into maintaining a healthy lifestyle alongside the chaos of wedding preparations.

1. Include smart meal sizes

While preparing for the wedding, enjoy good food and avoid post-event guilt by being a little health conscious. This can be achieved through clever portion control. Here’s a practical step: Trade the 12-inch plate for a 9-inch one. Fill up half with non-starchy, low-calorie vegetables like broccoli and spinach, and limit carbs like rice and chapati to a quarter. Let protein alternatives like eggs, chicken, soy and pulses join the party in the leftovers.

Sipping some water before a meal is also a great tip as it helps differentiate between hunger and thirst. And remember to chew your food well, savoring every bite to give your taste buds a delightful encore. With these simple combinations, your meal becomes a celebration of joy and health, leaving you nourished and ready for the festivities.

2. Making an informed choice: Choose healthy fats

Fats play an important role in a healthy diet. So, learn better to make an informed choice about eating right. Choose good fats like MUFA and PUFA. MUFA helps increase good cholesterol while PUFA lowers bad cholesterol. When cooking, choose multisource (blended) edible oils – a healthier option. MSEOs boast a higher smoke point and a better balance of MUFA and PUFA These oils are packed with antioxidants and are well proven to provide several health benefits. These healthy options are better choices for a well-rounded wedding celebration.

3. Choose whole grains for improved metabolic health and increased radiance

Whole grains like oats, whole wheat, sorghum, millet, and millet are nutritional superheroes and perfect for improving overall metabolic health. But these grains also play a background role in the beauty scene. Packed with essential vitamins minerals and phytochemicals, they provide essential nutrients to your hair and skin.

This wedding season, rely on whole grains to keep you comfortably full and ease hunger pangs. One way to incorporate them into your diet is to swap refined grains for nutrient-dense alternatives like oats, whole wheat, millet, or cracked wheat. Choose sweet or savory oats, whole wheat wraps, dalia, upama or millet-based recipes as healthier alternatives to their refined counterparts. Oats and millet as a combination fit the bill for protein with high fiber and loads of antioxidants. You can add some oats to your smoothie or smoothie bowl to make a filling and nutritious meal. Let your inner glow shine through with this simple swap and intake of much-needed protein, fiber and micro-nutrients.

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4. Nourish health with greens, vegetables and whole fruits

Wedding preparations are a mix of excitement and stress, so nutrition can be your secret ally. Eat a nutritious diet rich in vegetables and whole fruits to increase your fiber and micronutrient intake.

Sprinkle vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, and green beans into omelets or toss in poha and upama gives them a healthy twist. Prepare vibrant stir-fry creations using broccoli, baby corn, and red and green bell peppers. These small, delightful adjustments sneak more vegetables into your routine, keeping you energized.

Make oranges, sweet limes, strawberries and seasonal fruits your favorite snacks. They provide natural sweetness, perfect for pairing with cereal or oats. Turn them into delightful desserts – sorbets, popsicles or parfaits – for a guilt-free treat.

5. Be active and include physical activity in your routine

Maintain high spirits and a toned body while preparing for the wedding by adding some physical activity to your routine. Turn on some music during housework to add an extra layer of softness as you join in the cleaning of the house. Choose the stairs instead of the elevator for a mini workout. Turn phone calls into opportunities to stand up and move to add more mobility to your body. Park at the far end of the parking lot or get off the subway or bus early. Download an app to track your steps and boost your motivation. Aim for a daily goal of 10,000 steps or 30-minutes of moderate physical activity. To ensure a healthier and more enjoyable celebration, keep these activities in mind as you prepare for the wedding.

While it’s natural to focus on aesthetics in the excitement of wedding preparations, it’s equally important to prioritize a healthy lifestyle for the celebration. By embracing the steps mentioned above, you’re not only preparing for a joyful wedding season, you’re setting the stage for a healthy future. So go ahead and let the vibe of wellness be at the heart of this year’s wedding celebrations.