Health care and wellness center—-13 key elements

  The National Health Mission (NHM), the country’s lead wellbeing frameworks fortifying project, especially for essential and auxiliary medical care conceives “fulfillment of widespread admittance to impartial, reasonable and quality medical care which is responsible and receptive to the necessities of individuals”. Ventures during the existence of the NHM were made to reinforce Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) administrations and cutoff the expanding weight of transmittable sicknesses, for example, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and vector borne infections. While such an emphasis on specific essential medical care mediations, empowered enhancements in key markers identified with RCH and transmittable infections, the scope of administrations conveyed at the essential consideration level didn’t consider expanding sickness weight and increasing expenses of care because of persistent illnesses. 

The National Health Policy, 2017 suggested fortifying the conveyance of essential medical care, through foundation of “Health and Wellness Centers” as the stage to convey exhaustive essential medical care and required a responsibility of 66% of the wellbeing spending plan to essential medical services. 

The Report of the Primary Health Care Task Force, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India while repeating that essential medical services is the lone moderate and successful way for India to Universal Health Coverage, additionally gave significant bits of knowledge into design and cycles in wellbeing frameworks to empower Comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPHC). 

Ayushman Bharat or “Healthy India” public activity was dispatched as suggested by the National Health Policy 2017, to accomplish the vision of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). This activity has been planned on the lines as to meet SDG and its underlining responsibility, which is “give up nobody”. 

AyushmanBharat is an endeavor to move from sectoral and fragmented methodology of wellbeing administration conveyance to an exhaustive need-based medical care administration. Ayushman Bharat expects to attempt way breaking intercessions to comprehensively address wellbeing (covering anticipation, advancement and mobile consideration), at essential, optional and tertiary level. 

Ayushman Bharat receives a continuum of care approach, containing two between related parts, which are – 

1)Foundation of Health and Wellness Centre

2)Pradhan matri  jana arogya yojona

Health  and Wellness Centers (HWCs) 

In February 2018, the Government of India’s declared the making of 1,50,000 Health and Wellness Centers (HWCs) by changing existing Sub Centers and Primary Health Centers as the base mainstay of Ayushman Bharat. These focuses would convey Comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPHC) carrying medical care nearer to the homes of individuals covering both maternal and kid wellbeing administrations and non-transferable sicknesses, including free fundamental medications and analytic administrations.

The conveyance of Universal Comprehensive Primary Health Care, through HWCs will expand the wellbeing framework responsiveness to individuals by bringing administrations nearer to the networks and having the option to address the requirements of most underestimated, through Primary Health Care group. 

Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) 

The other segment of Ayushman Bharat, to be specific Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) intends to give monetary insurance to auxiliary and tertiary consideration to about 40% of India’s families. Together the two parts of Ayushman Bharat will empower the acknowledgment of the desire of Universal Health Coverage (read more 

Characterizing HWCs 

To guarantee conveyance of Comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPHC) administrations, existing Sub Centers covering a populace of 3000 – 5000 would be changed over to Health and Wellness Centers, with the standard being “an ideal opportunity to mind” to be close to 30 minutes. Essential Health Centers in rustic and metropolitan zones would likewise be changed over to HWC. Such consideration could likewise be given/supplemented through outreach administrations, Mobile Medical Units, camps, home and local area based consideration, yet the guideline ought to be a consistent continuum of care that guarantees the standards of value, all inclusiveness and no monetary difficulty. 


The HWC at the Sub Health Center level would be prepared and staffed by a properly prepared Primary Health Care group, involving Multi-Purpose Workers (male and female)&ASHAs and drove by a Mid-Level Health Provider (MLHP). Together they will convey an extended scope of administrations. In certain states, sub wellbeing places have prior been moved up to Additional PHCs. Such Additional PHCs will likewise be changed to HWCs. 

A Primary Health Center (PHC) that is connected to a group of HWCs would fill in as the main mark of reference for some, illness conditions for the HWCs in its locale. Likewise, it would likewise be reinforced as a HWC to convey the extended scope of essential consideration administrations. 


The Medical Officer at the PHC would be answerable for guaranteeing that CPHC administrations are conveyed through all HWCs in her/his territory and through the PHC itself. The number and capabilities of staff at the PHC would proceed as characterized in the Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS). 

For PHCs to be fortified to HWCs, support for preparing of PHC staff (Medical Officers, Staff Nurses, Pharmacist, and Lab Technicians), and arrangement of hardware for “Wellbeing Room”, the essential IT framework and the assets needed for redesigning research center and symptomatic help to supplement the extended scopes of administrations would be given. States could decide to change staffing at HWC and PHC, in view of neighborhood needs. 

Key Principles 

1)Change existing Sub Health Centers and Primary Health Centers to Health and Wellness Centers to guarantee all inclusive admittance to an extended scope of Comprehensive Primary Health Care administrations 

2)Guarantee a group focused, all encompassing, value delicate reaction to individuals’ wellbeing needs through a cycle of populace empanelment, customary home and local area associations and individuals’ support. 

3)Empower conveyance of excellent consideration that traverses wellbeing dangers and infection conditions through a similar extension in accessibility of medications and diagnostics, utilization of standard treatment and reference conventions and cutting edge innovations including IT frameworks. 

4)Ingrain the way of life of a group based way to deal with conveyance of value medical care including: preventive, promotive, corrective, rehabilitative and palliative consideration. 

5)Guarantee congruity of care with a two-way reference framework and follow up help. 

6)Underline wellbeing advancement (counting through school instruction and individual driven mindfulness) and advance general wellbeing activity through dynamic commitment and limit working of local area stages and individual volunteers. 

7)Execute suitable systems for adaptable financing, including execution based motivations and responsive asset assignments. 

8)Empower the reconciliation of Yoga and AYUSH as fitting to individuals’ requirements. 

9)Encourage the utilization of fitting innovation for improving admittance to medical services guidance and therapy inception, empower detailing and recording, in the long run advancing to electronic records for people and families. 

10)Regulate cooperation of common society for social responsibility. 

11)Collaborate with not revenue driven organizations and private area for hole filling in a scope of essential medical services capacities 

12)Encourage orderly learning and sharing to empower criticism, and upgrades and distinguish developments for scale up 

13)Create solid estimation frameworks to assemble responsibility for improved execution on measures that make a difference to individuals 

Key Elements 

Key elements of health care delivery systems

Extended Services 

The HWC would convey an extended scope of administrations. These administrations would be conveyed at bothSHCs and in the PHCs, which are changed as HWCs. The degree of intricacy of care of administrations conveyed at the PHC would be higher than at the sub wellbeing place level and this would be shown in the consideration pathways and standard treatment rules that will be given intermittently. 

Extended scope of administrations 

Care in pregnancy and labor. 

Neonatal and baby medical care administrations 

Adolescence and juvenile medical care administrations. 

Family arranging, Contraceptive administrations and other Reproductive Health Care administrations 

The board of Communicable infections including National Health Programs 

The board of Common Communicable Diseases and Outpatient care for intense straightforward sicknesses and minor infirmities. 

Screening, Prevention, Control and Management of Non-Communicable sicknesses 

Care for Common Ophthalmic and ENT issues 

Fundamental Oral medical care 

Old and Palliative medical care administrations 

Crisis Medical Services 

Screening and Basic administration of Mental wellbeing illnesses 

Extended Service Delivery 

1. Populace Enumeration and Empanelment of Families at HWC 

To guarantee impartial populace inclusion and to address issues of minimization, the bleeding edge laborers would make populace based family records and embrace enlistment, all things considered, and families dwelling inside the catchment territory of a Health and Wellness Center. It is this enlistment that is alluded to as empanelment. It is a privilege of anybody, inhabitant here to be enlisted. 

2. Association of Services 

The conveyance of administrations would be at three levels i.e., I) Family/Household and local area levels, ii) Health and Wellness Centers and iii) and Referral Facilities/Sites. 

3. Administration Delivery Framework 

The administrations imagined at the HWC level will incorporate early ID, essential administration, directing, guaranteeing treatment adherence, follow up care, resulting congruity of care by proper references, ideal home and local area follow up, and wellbeing advancement and avoidance for the extended scope of administrations. Care arrangement at each level would be given according to clinical pathways and standard treatment rules.

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