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First trimester: How to navigate this crucial stage of pregnancy – say experts | health news

The first trimester of pregnancy is like stepping on a roller coaster of change, where the only certainty is the uncertainty that comes with this transformative journey. The body works tirelessly to create a nurturing environment for the growing baby, taking center stage in the whirlwind of emotions and physical adjustments.

Swapnil Kaushik, founder of Mom’s Preg-Ladder says: “HCG levels, along with a rise in estrogen, outpacing non-pregnant lifetime production can lead to mood swings, bloating, nausea and fatigue. While the baby bump may not be obvious, the uterus is expanding. , and blood volume is increasing. It’s a time that brings both excitement and nervousness, and it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed. Seeking help from friends, partners, or healthcare providers becomes a lifeline for expectant mothers as they navigate the complexities of this early trimester. “

As an internationally recognized prenatal educator, certified pregnancy health coach, and government-recognized expert in maternal and infant nutrition training, Kaushik offers the following tips to soon-to-be mothers throughout the first trimester:

Knowledge is empowerment

Taking an early pregnancy class can be a game-changer. These classes provide invaluable insight into the changes taking place within the body and equip expectant mothers with the knowledge to handle the upcoming challenges. From nutrition tips to coping strategies, these classes offer a comprehensive guide to making the first trimester more manageable.

Scan regularly

Regular scans are not just medical check-ups; They are windows to the miraculous unfolding of life. These scans and tests help healthcare providers assess fetal health and development, detect any potential abnormalities early, and provide appropriate care and counseling to expectant parents. It is essential for expecting parents to discuss with their healthcare provider which scans and tests are recommended for their particular situation.

Get proper rest

While being active during pregnancy is encouraged, it’s essential to listen to your body. If morning sickness makes the normal routine challenging, don’t hesitate to rest. Also, taking a nap in the afternoon can be rejuvenating and help combat the fatigue that often accompanies the first trimester.

Prioritize wellness

Whether working or not, expectant mothers need to focus on different aspects of their lifestyle. Managing travel, reducing stress levels, maintaining a balanced nutrition plan and staying well hydrated are key components to ensuring a healthy first trimester and a thriving pregnancy.

Encourage open communication

An open line of communication with both your partner and healthcare provider is crucial. Sharing your experiences, concerns and joys helps build a strong support system. This communication travels through the first trimester and beyond into a shared experience, fostering a sense of togetherness.

Develop good reading habits

Reading about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting can provide a sense of comfort and preparation. Books, articles, and reputable online resources offer insight into what to expect, calm fears, and offer practical advice for navigating the challenges of pregnancy.

Meditation and Pranayama

As the body goes through physical changes, nurturing the mind is equally important. Incorporating meditation or pranayama into a daily routine can help manage stress, promote relaxation, and create a positive mindset. These practices contribute not only to the mother’s well-being but also to the developing baby.

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Start the pregnancy conversation

Start the beautiful practice of ‘Womb Talk’. Although babies may not understand the words, the vibrations and soothing melodies create a unique bonding experience. This early connection lays the foundation for a strong parent-child relationship and introduces the child to the comforting sound of their parent’s voice.

Additionally, navigating the first trimester requires a combination of self-care, knowledge, and emotional support. Expectant mothers are not alone in this journey, and with the right tools and a supportive network, they can embrace the changes with confidence, paving the way for a healthy and joyful pregnancy.

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