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Feeling the ‘blues’ at work? 5 tips to increase productivity and motivation health news

Employee happiness and well-being are important components of a productive and happy work environment. Office environments have a big impact on how happy and productive people are overall, but there are other factors at play as well. If you want to improve productivity and create a more positive work environment in your business, try using these four aspects. Establishing a creative and exciting workplace culture is essential to increasing employee happiness and productivity.

Dr. Reema Gupta, Consultant, Clinical Psychology, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Shalimar Bagh explains, “Stress at work can significantly contribute to the growing prevalence of stress, including anxiety and depression and even conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). . Several factors in the work environment that can cause stress include excessive workload, tight deadlines, long working hours, job insecurity, little control over their work or decision-making process, and poor work-life balance. These factors can lead to stress, negatively affecting mental well-being.”

Tips for managing stress at work

In the pursuit of workplace productivity and happiness, incorporating five key elements can significantly impact your workplace environment. According to Anuj Saxena, co-founder and director of Scooter Global Pvt Ltd, these elements include natural light, greenery, ergonomic furniture, personalization and collaborative spaces. Here are some ways to avoid workplace blues and improve your mental health by Mr. Anuj:

1. Create a creative and exciting work culture

To improve communication and foster a sense of unity, have frequent team-building exercises and gatherings. Add playful aspects to the office, such as gaming sections, themed decorations or motivational sayings, to make it feel upbeat and engaging. Setting these issues as your top priority can help you create a work environment that boosts productivity as well as supports the general happiness and well-being of your employees.

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2. Facilitate a comfortable work environment

For increased productivity and happy employees, a comfortable workplace is essential. Incorporating comfortable furniture, good lighting, and an organized layout helps reduce stress and promote physical well-being. Having access to natural light and plants creates a pleasant environment that improves concentration and mood.

3. Shouting and political culture should be avoided

Establishing a respectful and collaborative culture is critical to creating a healthy work environment. Yelling is discouraged as it keeps the environment peaceful, reduces tension and encourages honest discussion. Also, avoiding political conversations keeps everyone focused on work-related objectives and avoids potential conflicts. Emphasis is placed on respectful communication, so employees can focus on their work, which increases output and increases workplace satisfaction.

4. Including all five senses

Incorporating the five senses into your workplace creates a more holistic and engaging environment that increases employee productivity.

Vision: Create a visually stimulating environment by using bright colors and natural light.

Words: To improve focus and reduce stress, include relaxing background music.

touch: To promote tactile comfort, use textured surfaces and ergonomic furniture.

Taste: To enhance a good culinary experience, provide nutritious snacks.

Smell: Add calming scents to your environment, such as plants or light perfumes, to improve your mood and focus.

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