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Ozenoxacin Cream In Impetigo: Early Recovery,Faster Resolution: It’s Dosage,Indications And Contraindications O

OZENOXACIN  Ozenoxacin is a new promising drug for impetigo management. It is available in 1% cream w/w.Each gram of tube contains 10 mg of Ozenoxacin.  Ozenoxacin is indicated for the topical treatment of impetigo due to Staphylococcus aureus or streptococcus pyogenes in adult and pediatric patients from 2 months of age.  How to apply  Ozenoxacin … Read more

Top 6 Frequently asked Questions About Urticaria in 2021

Photo credit Urticaria, also called hives are itchy, red welts result from a skin infection. The size and shape of the welts may vary and fade after some time but can repeat again and again as long as the reaction continues. Most urticaria resolves within 24 hours. But it can last for many days to … Read more

Smooth Skin Strategies: How You Can Fix Acne Scars

  There had been a million ideas and suggestions to help you to remove your acne. You had already tried and discarded most of these sought for and even those unsolicited advice.  Now, whether you decide to fix acne scars on your own or with the help of a competent dermatologist, please adjust your expectations … Read more

Foods And Eczema

 Eczema is an itchy,   scaly rash caused by   sensitivity to foods,certain chemicals,enviromental conditions and dryness     Is  Eczema is an allergy? The rash is not always a true allergic reaction, but an immune system reaction to a normally harmless substance. Are eczema and atopic dermatitis the same? Yes, Atopic dermatitis is the most common … Read more

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