Covid 19 cases Started Increasing Again In The Midst Of Puja Festival

  Photo Vladimir Fenotov unsplash  Alarming news: In the midst of the Durga puja festival covid cases has started increasing again in Assam,India.A total of 207 people have been hit by fresh episodes in the state on Thursday. The number of people suffering from covid19 has increased in the state amidst the rough environment of … Read more


Fair use  KIHT –Contributing To India Vision 2020 Through Healthcare In true spirit, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, fondly known as the People’s President and the Missile Man, had envisioned a Developed India through his India Vision 2020 document. Healthcare was known as a key focus space to reach this vision of a Developed Republic of … Read more

91 Inmates Found HIV Positive In Nagaon Jail In Assam,India

 91 inmates found HIV positive in Nagaon Jail in Assam Nagaon jail The terrible environment has been created in both the prisons in Nagaon.  The only special prison and central prison in the state has been crying after the body of The Inmate was consistently catching AIDS. It is suspected that proper health check-up of … Read more

Antibiotic needed for covid 19 Or Not?

Antibiotic needed for covid 19 Or Not?  As we know covid19 is caused by the SARSCOV2 virus so the antibiotic is not needed.  As antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections so there is no need for antibiotics to treat corona.  But there is always a chance of secondary bacterial infection after a viral infection. So depending on the … Read more

Pm Modi Launched National Digital Health Mission, Says Everybody Will Get Unique Health Id

 The country’s digital health infrastructure will be integrated under the National Digital Health Mission (National Digital Health Mission-NDHM). Under the scheme, the government is preparing to bring about a massive change in the country’s health system. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) has launched the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) through a video conference on … Read more

Indian Vaccination Status Against Covid-19

  Photo credit COVID 19 Vaccination status in India on 25th September2021 SEP 25, 2021 by SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19)Check status14,88,945The total samples were tested on SEP 25th, 202156,32,43,245Total samples tested Cases across the country 3,03,476 2,034 active (0.90%) Total Cases 3,36,52,745 28,326  recovered (97.77%) 3,29,02,351 26,032  death (1.33%) 4,46,918 260  See this Interesting video on how … Read more

Best Foods To Be Consumed When you Suffering From Jaundice: Some Top Recipes For Jaundiced Patients

 What is jaundice photo credit  Clinically we call jaundice when the white portion of the eye(sclera) gets a yellowish tint. Doctors call jaundice when the serum bilirubin level is more than 2 mg/dl. Why jaundice occurs and what are the signs and symptoms of jaundice  This occurs when the liver fails to remove bilirubin from … Read more