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10 Foods That Could Lower The Risk Of Cancer

Foods are our life and cancer is the dead-end of our life. But there are some foods if we consume on regular basis then the chances of developing cancer is decreased a lot.

Here we will discuss the 10 most commonly used foods that can prevent or heal cancer. 

What is cancer?

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells{abnormal} in our body. It happens when the control mechanism of our body stops working. Old cells don’t die and instead of it the new abnormal cells keep growing and growing and sometimes forms a mass of abnormal cell that we call a tumor or mass.

Is there any cure for cancer?

Unfortunately to date except for some cancer, most of the cancers have no cure.

It is now proved that the main cause of cancer is our bad habits and bad foods
You will be surprised to know that many foods that we consume daily can prevent or many times can halt the process of abnormal cell production. The only thing we should know about the dose and timing of these foods.
So here is a list of Some foods which can prevent cancer.

10 Foods That Could Lower The Risk Of Cancer


Garlic, also called white gold is used in our kitchen every day. It is a species in the onion genus. It has a strong smell but it has the ability to prevent cancer in our body as well as it can stop the abnormal division of cancer cells. It can also destroy the tumor cells.

Garlic is commonly found in central Asia and Northeastern Iran.

The chemical name of garlic is Allium Sativum

Allicina sulfur compound present in garlic does have the main medicinal benefits.

Since ancient times garlic has been used with food to enhance the smell and taste of our food.

Humans also know its various health benefit since a long long time. It can reduce high blood pressure significantly, lower blood cholesterol makes the heart strong, and many more.

How much garlic to be consumed daily to prevent cancer?

To prevent cancer 5 cloves with lunch and dinner is enough. But check your blood pressure frequently as it may fall significantly.

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