How Long Covid Virus Can Live On Clothes? How Much We Know So Far?? How To Wash Clothes?

Photo Lilly Cantabile,pixabay The Covid-19, which began in late 2020, made the entire people health conscious.    As of today, the number of deaths in Corona is around 44.2 lakh across the world. Sanitization, Social distancing, Facemask, etc. are now essential objects of social life.There is no limit on how many new genres are being … Read more

First Covid-19 Vaccine For Children Above 12 Approved In India

  Zydus Cadila on Friday got an endorsement for the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) for ZyCoV-D, the world’s first and India’s natively evolved DNA based immunization against Covid-19.  The organization said it intends to fabricate 100 million to 120 million dosages of ZyCoV-D yearly and has begun … Read more


Photo credit to unsplash Though it has been observed worldwide that Covid 19 symptoms and signs are mild in children and teens but some of them can develop with  1.A severe inflammatory condition called Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children or MIS-C in the two to six weeks following COVID-19 infection.  2.May become very sick and needs hospitalization … Read more

These 5 Practices Changed My Life —Lost 7 kg ,Controlled My Sugar And Hypertension

Photo by Clique Images on Unsplash  I’m presently 48 years of age. I’m a medical professional. At the point when I turned 40, I began to build my weight, and gradually and gradually the other two companions of my family Hypertension and Diabetes likewise turned into my pieces of life. As a specialist, I began … Read more

What Is Double And Triple Mutation Of Covid 19

 Viral mutations are a natural phenomenon which is inevitable.Some mutations make the virus stronger and some mutations make it weaker Recently Both double and triple mutants strain are reported from India which has been a major concern for all over the world.India is struggling with the fresh new wave of Covid19 making it the second … Read more