Burdawan Medical Fire In Covid Ward: One Died

Durgapur Darpan, Burdwan, January 29, 2022: A major fire broke out in the Covid ward of The Burdwan Medical College Hospital in the early hours of Saturday.

According to hospital sources, a corona patient died in the fire.

The deceased has been identified as Sandhya Mandal (60). The house is in Baramuria village of Galsi in East Burdwan.
Hospital sources said the fire broke out around 4.30am. The fire brigade was notified. Before that, the hospital staff and the patient’s family were involved in putting out the fire. They almost put out the fire. A fire engine arrives. At first, I remember

Sandhya Mandal was admitted in block number 6. There was a fire there in the morning. The family members of the patient alleged that the fire was so severe as the security guards and staff of the hospital were sleeping. Otherwise, it could have been extinguished earlier. (Also subscribe to durgapur DARPAN UT ub channel to watch special videos.) )

Budawan Medical Fire In Covid Ward: One Died
Fire in Covid ward