Bharat Biotech Nasal Vaccine against Covid19 : Results Are Astonishing


Bharat Biotech Nasal Vaccine against Covid19 : Rasults Are Astonishing
Nasal covid vaccine

Bharat Biotech,Indian Covaxin vaccine manufacturing company will conduct a trial on nasal vaccine against covid19.

prior to 3rd wave this study will be of big help: sources said.The study will tell us clearly in which mix the antibodies will remain longer.

The study will be done in 4 groups.

  • Group A: This group will get both traditional injectable vaccine
  • Group B: This group will get first dose as traditional injectable vaccine and second dose will be nasal vaccine
  • Group C:  This group will get the first dose as nasal and the second dose as injectable
  • Group D: This group will get both the dose as nasal.

“We will do a comparative study of antibody level in all 4 groups.This will let us know which mix will give better results” Dr Gillurkar said.

According to Dr Gillurkar, the results of the nasal vaccine made by Bharat Biotech are astonishing. “We have noticed that nasal form of Covaxin brings instant protection and good amount of antibodies right in the nasal cavity, where the virus attacks first. This can stop the virus right at its entry point of human body. If the second dose is intramascular, it may bring sustainable protection,” he said.
The study has been going on in Nagpur,Hyderabad,Bengaluru and Lukhnow.
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