Best way to clean face in 2 minutes, blackheads and oil to be eliminated

Best way to clean face in 2 minutes, blackheads and oil to be eliminated

 Due to dust, dirt, pollution, oil, etc., the pores of the skin start getting clogged. Due to which the skin is not able to breathe freely and problems like pimples, blackheads start happening. But you can clean the face completely in just 2 minutes and for this, you do not have to work too hard. Let us know what is the best way to clean your face.

Clean face: Preparing to wash your face

You have to take half a cup of milk to clean the face from the inside. Add 2 teaspoons of oats to this half cup. You will see that in a few minutes oats have absorbed all the milk and they have become quite soft. Now make these oats paste with the help of a spoon. Keep the paste slightly coarse, so that it can clean the face better.

The best way to wash your face in 2 minutes

If you are all set to wash your face, it will take you only two minutes to wash your face. Collect (face clean tips) if you first remove the full makeup from the face, then. It also includes things like lipstick and mascara. Now clean the face with mild face wash and wipe it with a towel.
Then apply this paste on the face with light hands and massage for 2 minutes. Massage in a circular motion and then wash your face and wipe with a towel.

If there is time, spend a little more time

If you are not short of time, massage your face for 5 minutes instead of 2 minutes. This will give you a better benefit. After 5 minutes of massage, leave the paste on the face for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off. Wipe the face with a towel after washing. Now apply rose water on your face and then use a moisturizer.

The information provided here is not an option for any medical advice. It’s just being given with the aim of educating.