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Bengaluru Cyclist Dies: See Dangers of Over-Exercising – Top Tips | health news

Bengaluru-based Anil Kadsur, popularly known as ‘Century Cyclist’, ‘Cycle Yogi’ or ‘Cycle Guru’, died of a heart attack on February 2. On 31 January, Kadsur reportedly shared his 42-month feat of back-to-back 100 km cycle rides on social media. But later that night, the 45-year-old complained of chest discomfort. He was later admitted to hospital, where he later died on February 2. Kadsur has been an inspiration to cycling enthusiasts not only in Bangalore but beyond. His death came as a shock to his followers and people were also plagued by a question – how did such a fit person suffer a heart attack, that too at such a young age?

Dangers of over-exercising

As per previous post and statement of Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Consultant Neurologist, Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad Kadsur, he was cycling daily for last 42 months (ie 1200 consecutive days) and his daily mileage was more than 100 km. “Exercise has a detrimental effect on health,” says Dr. Kumar, adding that it also means an increased risk of death, according to the doctor.

The fact that he cycled every day, and for kilometers, meant that the body had no time to recover. “Studies have shown that people who exercise daily, without at least one recovery (rest) a week, have a higher risk of death,” Dr. Kumar posted.

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Act with caution

Just as sitting can be bad for health, too much exercise and lack of rest can also lead to health problems. Dr. Kumar advises exercise enthusiasts to keep the following two things in mind:

1. Keep the dose of exercise within a reasonable range;
2. Take at least one day a week off from vigorous exercise.

Remember, by working out properly, you’ll be able to get the most out of your body without putting too much wear and tear on it.

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