New Study On Covid -19 Vaccine–Antibody levels Increase Rapidly After Two doses Of Pfizer and AstraZeneca, But Decrease At the Same Speed After 2 to 3 weeks !!

Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash  A month and a half after the two dosages of the immunization of Pfizer and AstraZeneca, it has been observed that the degree of antibodies from the body starts to diminish. Following 10 weeks, it comes to half. This case has been made in an investigation distributed in the … Read more

These 5 Practices Changed My Life —Lost 7 kg ,Controlled My Sugar And Hypertension

Photo by Clique Images on Unsplash  I’m presently 48 years of age. I’m a medical professional. At the point when I turned 40, I began to build my weight, and gradually and gradually the other two companions of my family Hypertension and Diabetes likewise turned into my pieces of life. As a specialist, I began … Read more

5 Benefits Of Surya Namaskar

photo credit to Unsplash                                                                 Surya namaskar is a common greeting or salutation in many Sanskrit texts, including some of the Vedic texts, including those … Read more

Government alert on third wave:

  *Government alert on third wave:* Next 100 to 125 days in corona war crucial, PM Modi targets to stop third wave  There is no doubt that the 3rd wave is coming.According to health ministry P.M.Modi asked to take all necessary steps to prevent the 3rd wave. The president of planning commission Dr B.K.Paul  told … Read more