Alzheimer’s Disease- Causes,Signs,Symptoms and How To Treat It.

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Alzheimer’s disease is spreading rapidly around the world, including in India.

Coming to India alone, according to a report on the Times of India website, about 1.6 million people in India are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

This report well explains the severity of Alzheimer’s, but it is unfortunate that people still have a lot of ignorance about the disease.

However, a lot of efforts have been made by the WHO Council to remove this ignorance, under which 17th September is celebrated as World Alzheimer’s Disease Day (World Alzheimer disease day) every year.

Thus, we hope that our article will be effective in addressing the lack of awareness among people about Alzheimer’s disease

What is Alzheimer’s Disease? 

Alzheimer’s disease is mainly a form of dementia. Dementia refers to a condition when a person’s brain cells are weakened or destroyed.
The people suffering from it are read out in the way of forgetting, which makes them forget what happened 1-2 minutes ago.
When dementia increases, it is called Alzheimer’s disease.

What are the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease? 

 These are the most common 5 symptoms of Alzheimer’s:

  • Deficiency in memory – The main symptom of Alzheimer’s disease is loss of memory.

  People suffering from this disease begin to forget a few things in the beginning, which increases considerably after some time.

  • Difficulty speaking or writing – If a person has suddenly started having difficulty speaking or writing, he should report it to the doctor as it can be a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Being misled by space or time – Alzheimer’s disease can also occur when a person begins to have a dilemma about space or time.

  • Difficulty making decisions – When a person has difficulty making decisions, he should take it seriously as it can be a sign of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Frequent mood changes – Another symptom of Alzheimer’s disease is the frequent change of mood.

What are the causes of Alzheimer’s disease? 

  • Aging – The main cause of Alzheimer’s disease is aging. Thus, a person (both men and women) above 60 years of age should take special care of his health so that he does not have a disease like Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Genetic causes – Often, Alzheimer’s disease can also occur when a person is person’s family suffers from the disease.

Such people should do health checkups from time to time to indicate signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

  •  Head injury – If a person has a head injury, he is more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Suffering from another disease – Alzheimer’s disease is also seen in people who suffer from diabetes or heart disease.
Such people should be treated properly so that they do not have a serious disease like Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Stress– The risk of Alzheimer’s disease is also high in people suffering from stress.

How can Alzheimer’s disease be identified? 

The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease becomes easier when it is identified in time.
Thus, if a person suspects himself to be suffering from this disease, he can do away with it by conducting some tests.
Therefore, in this case, these 5 tests can be performed, which can help in identifying Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Blood test – The most common reason for identifying Alzheimer’s disease is a blood test.
A blood test confirms how man Alzheimer’s tissues are in a person’s body.
  • Checking heartbeats In addition to conducting blood tests, doctors also examine heartbeats to identify Alzheimer’s.
It monitors the speed of heartbeats.
  • MRI: In addition to checking the heart rate, Alzheimer’s is also identified through an MRI test.
In this test, the condition of the disease is detected in the human body by taking a picture of the inner part of the body.
  • CT scan – Often, a CT scan also identifies Alzheimer’s disease.

How to treat Alzheimer’s disease? 

As soon as a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he should start his treatment so that he can recover from it in time.

Thus, Alzheimer’s disease can be treated mainly in the following ways:

  • Exercising – The main way to treat Alzheimer’s disease is to exercise.
These exercises help in curing Alzheimer’s disease by calming the muscles of the brain.
  • Taking medicines Often, doctors give some medicines to a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.
These medicines prevent Alzheimer’s from growing and cure people suffering from it.
  • Taking therapy Sometimes Alzheimer’s disease is also treated through therapy.
These therapies help in curing Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Exposure to a psychiatrist.   – Often, people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease may also need to seek the help of a psychiatrist.
Thus, the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease is also possible by contacting the psychiatric
  • Deep brain stimulation – When Alzheimer’s disease is not treated in any way, doctors resort to deep brain stimulation
It is fitted with a device in the brain so that electric signals can reach the brain.

What can be the risk of Alzheimer’s disease? 

 If Alzheimer’s remains intreated for a long time, people suffering from it may face these 5 risks:

  • Infection – The main risk of Alzheimer’s disease is a brain infection. Spreading this infection throughout the brain can increase the chances of rupture of the nerves of the brain. 
  • Suffering from stress– Although stress is also a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, if not treated for a long time, the problem of stress can increase to a great extent.
  • Insomnia – Often, people suffering from Alzheimer’s complain of sleeplessness.
  • Headache – Since Alzheimer’s is a mental disease, it can have a profound effect on the brain. That is why people suffering from this disease may complain of headaches.
  • Mental imbalance – Prolonged incurable Alzheimer’s can disturb a person’s mental balance.
How to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?
However, Alzheimer’s disease can easily make a person a victim as it is not easy for any person to identify its symptoms.
Nevertheless, it is a matter of relief that like any other disease, prevention of Alzheimer’s disease is also possible.
Thus, if a person takes the following precautions, he can easily prevent Alzheimer’s disease:
  • Non-drug abuse – The main way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease is not to consume drugs. Since drugs have a bad effect on physical and mental health, people should try to distance themselves from them so that they are healthy.
  • Regular exercise – Often, you may have heard that it is very important for us to exercise as it helps them stay healthy. This also applies to Alzheimer’s disease so people should exercise regularly to reduce their chances of getting a serious disease like Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Eating nutritious food – Our diet has a profound impact on our health. That is why we should all eat nutritious food because it plays an important role in increasing our immunity.
  • Socializing – The unique way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease is to spend as much time with people as you can.
Therefore, we should interact with people so that we can balance our mental health by sharing our thoughts with them.
  • Mental Exercise – Since Alzheimer’s disease is a mental illness, it is very important to improve mental health in its prevention.
That is why we should all do mental exercises like reading a book, playing a chess game, etc.