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A quick and effective 15-minute workout for people with busy lifestyles health news

In the midst of our busy lives, finding time to exercise can often be a challenge. Juggling a busy schedule can make prioritizing physical activity seem like a daunting task. The good news is that effective workouts don’t require a huge time commitment. According to a 2018 study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, 10 minutes of short bursts of “moderate to vigorous” activity can provide health benefits comparable to longer sessions. The key is to spread these short workout sessions throughout the week.

In a conversation with Zee News English, Chitraresh Kongarampilli Natesan aka The Indian Monster – an Indian professional bodybuilder shares some quick and easy exercise tips for people with busy lifestyles.

A quick 15-minute workout for every day

warming up

– Start with a quick five-minute warm-up.

– Include dynamic stretches like arm circles, leg swings and torso twists.

– Prepares your body for the upcoming exercise.

Body weight exercises

– Engage multiple muscle groups at once.

– Perform high knees 45 seconds.

– Follow up with 30 seconds of push-ups

– Continue with 60 seconds of bodyweight squats.

– Gets your heart rate up and targets key areas like legs, chest and arms.

Cardio Blast

– Rapid cardio burst conversion.

– Perform 30 seconds of burpees.

– Challenges the cardiovascular system and strength.

Holds the board

– Follow the cardio burst with 60 second plank holds.

– Engage your core and promote stability.

Interval sprints

– Include interval sprints for the final push.

– Alternate between 30 seconds of sprinting in place and 30 seconds of rest.

calm down

– End the session with a cooldown.

– Includes target stretching of major muscle groups.

Consistency is the foundation of fitness success, so integrate these quick workouts into your routine for a sustainable approach to staying active amid a busy lifestyle. Remember that even a small increase in exercise can have a significant impact on your overall well-being. By prioritizing short bursts of activity throughout the week, you can achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing valuable time in your busy schedule.

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