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A protein-rich breakfast can boost satiety, improve concentration, study claims health news

A new Danish study looks at the relationship between nutrition and cognitive function, and the results show that a protein-rich breakfast can improve satiety and concentration. According to the researcher, this is vital knowledge in a culture where obesity rates and lifestyle-related disorders are on the rise. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” It’s a well-worn platitude that doesn’t have much basis in scientific evidence. But a new Danish study explores how different types of breakfast affect satiety and concentration, and it adds new fuel to the old cliché.

The study followed 30 obese women between the ages of 18 and 30 for three days, during which the women ate a protein-rich breakfast, a carbohydrate-rich breakfast, or no breakfast at all. Women’s feelings of satiety, hormone levels and energy intake were measured during lunch. Their total daily energy intake was measured as well. Participants also had to complete a cognitive concentration test during the study.

“We found that a protein-rich breakfast with skim milk (a sour-milk product) and oats increased participants’ satiety and concentration, but it did not reduce overall energy intake compared to skipping breakfast or eating a carbohydrate-rich breakfast.” Matt Hansen, associate professor and PhD in the Department of Public Health and one of the study’s authors, said.

The number of overweight people in Denmark and around the world is increasing. Obesity often accompanies lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Previous studies have shown that breakfast eaters have lower BMIs than those who skip breakfast, and that protein-rich foods generally have an increased satiety effect compared to carbohydrate-rich and high-fat foods with the same calorie content. ..

The idea was therefore to test whether a protein-rich breakfast could be a good strategy for achieving greater satiety during the day and thus reducing daily calorie intake. However, the solution is not so simple, says Mette Hansen: “The results confirm that protein-rich foods increase the feeling of satiety, which is positive in preventing weight gain. But the results also suggest that just eating a protein-rich breakfast is not enough for this nutritional strategy to be effective.”

The potential for replacing carbohydrate-rich foods with protein-rich foods can be seen in the satiating effects measured in studies.
Several subjects had difficulty eating a whole protein-rich breakfast consisting of squares and oats. “It is curious that two different meals with the same calorie content can have such a large difference in the satiety effect. If the women in the project had been allowed to choose the size of the meal themselves, they would have probably consumed more food. And this resulted in the day they were served bread and jam. had more calories than the day they were given square and oats,” explained Mette Hansen.

According to the researchers, although the study provided important insights, it also had limitations because only overweight young women participated in the study. The research is based on relatively short-term observations, leaving open the question of how long-term dietary changes might affect health and weight.

Mette Hansen therefore points out that the study points to the need for more research into how different types of food affect health over time. “We already have new data coming from a trial in which participants received a high-protein breakfast or a low-protein breakfast. The aim was to study how different types of breakfast affect body composition and other parameters such as microbiota and cholesterol levels. ” Matt Hansen said

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