91 Inmates Found HIV Positive In Nagaon Jail In Assam,India

 91 inmates found HIV positive in Nagaon Jail in Assam

91 Inmates Found HIV Positive In Nagaon Jail
Nagaon jail

The terrible environment has been created in both the prisons in Nagaon.

 The only special prison and central prison in the state has been crying after the body of The Inmate was consistently catching AIDS. It is suspected that proper health check-up of the koidi is likely to increase the number of AIDS cases. 

The two special and central prisons in Nagaon can be said to have now become AIDS hotspots.

A total of 88 inmates were caught in two prisons last September. Of these, 45 prisoners in special prisons and 40 in central prisons.

It may be recalled that 30 prisoners were found to have AIDS in their bodies from January to July. Deadly AIDS was later discovered in the bodies of the other. This includes women inmates. The health department confirmed that four women are aids patients. A total of 91 prisoners are confirmed to be inthe grip of AIDS.