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7% of people in India suffer from kidney damage after consuming painkillers: AIIMS report. health news

Most of the patients come to know about their disease too late and due to this the number of patients with kidney failure is increasing.

According to Dr. Bhowmick, chairman of the department of nephrology at AIIMS, said the biggest challenge in kidney disease is that its damage is detected so late that 70% of patients have less chance of recovery.

According to Dr. Physically, blood urea and creatinine tests and periodic urine tests are early signs of any kidney problem.
By the time symptoms appear, it is often too late, so only regular checkups can catch the problem in time.

Although many options are available for kidney treatment, including drugs, surgery, dialysis, and transplants, life is often difficult for patients with severe kidney disease.

Kidney patients are also at risk of high blood pressure and often have low levels of hemoglobin in the blood. Due to this, such patients always feel sick and their immune system is also weakened.

The most important function of the kidneys is to filter the blood and it is very important to do this job properly and drink plenty of water for healthy kidneys.

The kidneys activate vitamin D to keep bones healthy and help digest calcium, but the kidneys need a lot of protein, fiber, sodium and potassium for this, so the more you eat a balanced diet and drink more water. A damaged kidney has to work less.

Ayurveda is useful in the treatment of kidney

After testing patients, researchers at the National Institute of Unani Medicine found that Ayurvedic medicines are beneficial for the kidneys.

National Institute of Unani Medicine, Bangalore prescribes Ayurvedic medicine Neeri KFT for patients with primary kidney disease. After 42 days of medication, these patients had improved creatinine levels and it was also found that the kidneys were filtering the blood better.

The Iranian medical journal Avicenna Journal of Medical Biochemistry published the study.

According to the doctors doing the research, Neeri KFT is an Indian Ayurvedic medicine made from 19 herbs including Puranava, Gokhru, Varun, Palash and Giloy.
These Ayurvedic herbs play an important role in cleansing the kidneys.

According to Dr. Sanchit Sharma, director of Emil Pharma, who has researched with Indian scientists, found many medicines in Ayurveda to strengthen the kidneys.

According to experts, the burden of chronic kidney disease is continuously increasing worldwide. Globally it is up to about 13 percent. Speaking of India, nine out of 10 kidney patients are unable to afford expensive treatments like dialysis and transplants. Ayurvedic medicine can also be a cheaper option in such situations. However, quacks should be treated under the supervision of a trained Ayurvedic doctor without taking medicines.

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