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5 Ways to Protect Newborns in Winter – Expert Advice | health news

It is very important to protect children from the cold during the winter months. From proper layering to maintaining optimal indoor temperature, R for Rabbit, a homegrown baby product brand shares some practical tips to ensure newborns’ well-being during a chilly winter.

1. Winter-appropriate clothing

A child will not be warm or safe with more layers of clothing, but they will be with appropriate winter clothing. Ideal baby clothes are made of natural, baby-safe fibers that breathe well and are soft. You can buy woolen clothes to cover your baby’s hands, feet and head. Mittens, socks and caps are the most effective way to keep the body warm as bare skin causes the body to lose heat and cool down. Change diapers quickly when you notice heaviness as if your little one has been wet for too long, so the baby is more likely to catch a cold.

2. Massage the baby with essential oils

Massage the baby with warm oil containing essential ingredients like almond, coconut, sesame etc. Improves blood circulation in the baby’s body and builds strong bones for growth. After the massage, wait 1-3 hours before giving your baby a good bath. Oil massage keeps your baby’s body warm and allows them to sleep peacefully.

3. Boost baby’s immunity through a proper diet

Breastfeeding provides skin-to-skin contact with the mother to keep the baby warm, and breast milk is full of all the nutrients and antibodies needed for healthy growth and development. If your baby is over six months, eat a nutritious diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables.

4. Watch for signs of illness and take precautions

Even after careful preparation and careful care for newborns, infections such as colds, congestion or fever can occur. Therefore, you need to look for symptoms of illness and seek medical advice if necessary. Be careful, and don’t wait for your child to show serious symptoms. Usually, the first indication of a problem is irritability and fatigue. Get your child vaccinated on time.

5. Keep yourself and the environment safe and healthy

If you are a breastfeeding mother, you should eat a healthy diet. In winter, when the temperature drops to 3-4 degrees, room heaters can be used to keep the temperature stable. But since humidifiers reduce humidity levels in the air, which can otherwise cause respiratory problems, you should also use them with room heaters.

Remember, as your child grows, his needs will change; Therefore, your lifestyle and winter care routine should be adjusted accordingly.

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