5 Benefits of Exercising That Will Motivate You To Do a Regular Exercise


5 Benefits of Exercising That Will Motivate You To Do a Regular Exercise

Unorganized lifestyle, work pressure, and faulty food habits are having a toll on our bodies in the modern world; as a result, people are suffering from major ailments, be it diabetes, cardiac issues, or others. We are witnessing a sudden increase in young adults facing the danger of fatal heart diseases. In order to avoid these health challenges, we need to be pro-active when it comes to taking care of our health.

We all are aware of benefits of exercising for healthy body and mind. Exercising can boost immunity thus protect against diseases, reduce weight, improve quality of life and increase lifespan. But we all know it is very difficult to stick to our workout plan. Several external distractions like work, stress, social and personal issues, and a lack of time are a big hindrance in our way, which is why most of people don’t exercise enough. But, it does not matter how many excuses we give, out body is just going to consider only one point, that is if we are exercising enough or not. Just to start, let me reason out why exercising is not a choice but a must.

5 Benefits of Exercising:

5 Benefits of Exercising That Will Motivate You To Do a Regular Exercise

  • Exercise slows down the aging process:

Aging muscles find it difficult to regenerate, but exercise can help cells keep healthy thus slow down the aging process of health. Result? You get a much younger body and glowing skin.

  • People who exercise are happier:

Working-out reduces the symptoms of depression. Exercises like running or brisk walking make a person feel good as body releases chemicals called endorphins, which have a similar effect as morphine on the body.

  • It may lengthen your lifespan:

Exercising has been said to reduce mortality from all causes. According to Cooper Institute, Dallas, runners live three years longer than non-runners. Each hour of workout adds about seven hours to your life expectancy.

  • Exercise improves your body composition:

As we get older, the percentage of fat in our body composition increases. But muscle gaining exercises like lifting weights combined with the healthy diet can reverse it as they help to put on muscles at the expense of body fat.

  • It can boost your brain health:

Studies of aerobic exercises have found that it protects your memory and help stave off cognitive decline as we age.

Let’s start exercising:

We all want to begin exercising, but we get confused when we see others who have been active for a while. We want to be like them but our body is not yet ready to do strenuous workouts like others are doing. but it is to be remembered that it takes time to transform a body, which has been sitting passively, into an active machine. To avail the benefits of exercising, it is important to select types of exercise that you can continue to do for a long term. The health, fitness and weight management advantages of exercising depend on being physically active regularly and for the long term. Before embarking on a workout regimen, one needs to assess his/her physical abilities and the current state of health so that he or she can choose right kind of exercise.

Tips for choosing the right exercise:

  • Choose an exercise that you enjoy:

 Benefits of exercising depend on how long you can stick to your regime. By doing it for one or two weeks you will not witness any benefits of exercising. It has to be part of your daily routine. One of the biggest reason why people stop exercising is boredom. If you enjoy walking, make it a daily routine. Walking with people you enjoy spending time with, will make your walk more fun. Having chit-chat, cracking jokes while walking will make your morning walk a fun and you will be more likely to continue it for the long term.

  • Choose an exercise option that fits your lifestyle:

If you have a gym or swimming pool nearby, you may be able to go before work, during the day or after work – and fit it into your routine. Likewise, you can also go for a walk or jog before or after work. The key point is to remain motivated and always find a time in your day when exercising is your first priority.

  • Choose more than one type of exercise:

Benefits of exercising also depend on the variety of exercises you include in your daily routine. Our muscles also have memories, and they get used to of one kind of exercise, thus gradually your progress reaches a plateau. Including more than one type of exercises in your regimen will give more challenges to your muscles, thus you will continue to progress and improve your physical abilities.

  • Choose an exercise as per your state of health:

If you are middle-aged or overweight or beginning to exercise after a long time, or have any health complication, consult with your doctor before starting or re-commencing regular exercise. However, all these factors cannot stop you from exercising, in fact, these further necessitate including an exercise routine in your day. However, the exercise in this context may mean you need to customize your workout plan as per current state of your health, under guidance from your doctor or other healthcare professional.

Whichever exercise include in your plan, and however you keep yourself motivated, start off slowly and build up gradually. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Don’t push yourself too hard or too fast. The visible benefits of exercising do not appear in few days; progression in fitness occurs over weeks and months.

  • Choose the right fitness accessories:

If you are ready to start exercising then you should make sure that your shoes and clothes are comfortable. Wrong size or uncomfortable shoes can lead to several foot ailments. Also one should prefer to wear clothes in which he/she feel comfortable and movement of the body is not restricted. We recommend clothes which are made from breathable fabric which can keep the body cool in summers.

Disclaimer –

Above article is only for knowledge purpose. Please contact your healthcare provider before using any of above medicine or method.