14 November, World Diabetes Day.What Is The Theme And Facts For The Year 2021-23 ?

Access to diabetes care – If not now, when?

17 th November is the world diabetes day.According to 2019 data,there are more than 460 million people are diabetic in the world.

One in every 11 people are diabetic. 1 in every 5 are diabetic above 65 years of age.

Theme for WDD 2021-23 is access to diabetes care

  • Millions of people suffering from diabetes are unable to access diabetes care
  • To avoid complications and to maintain their condition, people with diabetes needs ongoing care and support.
  • Medicines , technology, care and support should be made available to every diabetic around the world.
  • Governments have to increase their budget for Diabetes.

Some facts about Diabetes

Today is 14 November and this day is observed as word diabetes day .Here we want to show you the present facts or scenario of diabetes in the word.

  • 463 diabetic, according to 2019 data ,that means 1 in 11 adult are suffering from diabetes.
  • By the end of 2030,the figure is expected to rise up to 578 million.
  • 1 in every 5 person above 65 years are diabetes.
  • Another 232 million people are undiagnosed that means 1 in 2 adult are still undiagnosed.
  • In 2019 ,4.2 million people died because of diabetes.
  • 2/3 rd of people suffering from diabetes are from urban area.
  • Around 20 million live births are affected by Hyperglycemia in pregnancy.