14 Benefits Of Eating Apple In 2021


10 Benefits Of Eating Apple You Should Know
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Apple is the most commonly eaten fruit in the world. It is also known as magical fruit because of its excellent qualities. It contains enough antioxidants and some elements which can fight many diseases.

Apples contain beneficial fibers like pectin. Eating an apple every day reduces the risk of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and heart diseases, and many more.

There are almost 12000 species of apple tree in the world.Canada,Ltin America,Unites states, Australia are main countries where apple production is very huge.

In India, Kashmir,Himachal pradesh,Sikkim,Meghalaya and some other hilly areas are there where from we get good quality apple.

Scietific name : Pyrus malus.It comes under Rosaceae group

14 major benefits of eating an apple in 2021

We all know the proverb: one apple in a day keeps your doctor away.This is really so.Eating apple regularly has many benefits to our health.
Apple is eually beneficial for children as well as elderly.

1. Apple cures anemia: 

Apple contains lots of Iron,thereby it increses the hemoglobin content of blood .
Best result can be obtained if you take one apple daily after lunch or dinner.

2. Apple can destroy gall bladder stone

3. Apple is very good for heart patients as it flushes out bad cholesterol from our body

4. Apple removes urinary stones ;

Remove peels of 4 apples….cut the apples into small pieces….boil for 20 minutes in 1 litre of water….filter and collect the juice.Take  it twice daily for one month.The urinary stone will pass out with urine.

5. Apple acts as antedepressent

6. Apple can cure epilepsy

7. Apples are rich in dietary fiber  like pectin which help in our digestion.

Moreover it neutralize all unnessesary and poisonous food contents entering into G.I track.
Smokers should eat at least 2/3 apples daily.

8. Consuming apples reduces the risk of developing cancer.

10. Consuming apples can be used for the heart.

11. Regular consumption of apples does not cause constipation.

12. Regular use of apples is also beneficial for controlling weight.

13. Regular use of apples flushes out many toxins present within the body. 

If taken apple juice in empty stomach then it acts as diuretic and flushes out all toins from our body.

14. Apple keeps your skin ever young

It has been well proved for long long the relation between apple and skin beauty.
There are various ways how can you use aplle to increase your skin beauty.

a) Cut one apple and three  carrots in small pieces.

Eat in empty stomach in the morning for about one month .
You will get dramatic result.

b) Mix apple juice with curd …apply over skin .It will act as moisturixer.

c) Apply apple juice after washing hair

d) Mix 4/5 drops of lemon juice with half cup of apple juice .
Apply over skin .Wash it after 20 minutes.
It will make your skin colour very attractive.

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